British Military Fitness?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Starscream-08, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. I just wondered if anyone had ever trained with them etc and could offer advice as to if it would benefit someone in my situation...

    Basically ive been off ill for just under a year but have been given the all clear now, my fitness wasnt fantastic before but it was alot better than where im at now, Ive not trained since ive been off and have put a fair bit of blubber on.... tried to go for a run, and well suffered terribly after about 500 metres. I want to make my application this side of christmas if possible and just want to know if this is brit mill fitness is as good as people claim for getting we couch potato's fit enough for basic?
  2. BritMilFit - a real success story set up by my old chum Robin Cope (ex Royal Anglians)

    All his instructors are ex (or still serving) Muscle Busters so know their stuff. Like anything else - you'll get out of it what you put in!
  3. I've done fitness with the British military on a couple of occasions. I once had to run 1.5 miles with boots. Terrible it was I tell you. Ever since then I got myself a fabloned biff chit.
  4. It sounds almost too good to be true really, if it can get you to the required level of fitness for selection and basic then im suprised it hasnt put gyms out of business!
  5. Why? It's not rocket science to get yourself up to a reasonable standard of fitness. Running is free as well.
  6. A reasonable standard of fitness yes, but I want an excellent level of fitness, atleast compared to now, in a short space of time though id settle for not needing hospitilisation after a quickie with the missus
  7. Just do what all the other screaming beefers on here do and spend all your wage on chocabiggamuscle powders, T5 pills and creatine.
  8. If you're unfit you can't get to a good standard of fitness in a short space of time. It takes the body time to adjust to the stresses placed upon it. To join today's armed forces you only need to be reasonably fit unless you are going for Para Regt or the Marines.
  9. My bold - they are good.. Not just running as has been intimated, but individual and team exercises. It'll sure get you motivated. Outdoor routines and weather is rarely an issue for postponing the training programme. Just give it a go.
  10. And plenty of puppies to keep your mind off any pain during the lesson. seems to be very popular this time of the year - can't imagine why!!

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