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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Infidel, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Anyone here a member of Britmilfit? theyre sitting up a MF class in Nottingham towards the end of january and I wanted to
    know if anyone here had any experience of them?

    fitness wise im pretty shit to be honest 1.5 mile run time 12:16 hoping to get that down so I can join the regulars

  2. A friend of mine is one of the London based fitness instructors for British Military Fitness (also still serving) and from what he tells me about it, it is a very good scheme encouraging people to take part in fitness at their own pace, and work towards achieving goals. It is based on Military Fitness programmes, with instructors adapting to instruct civilians. A good scheme, I'd recommend it from what he's told me...
  3. It was televised over the festive period briefly on GMTV, looked good, was based on a box standard military curcuit, beasting civvi's
  4. Hi,

    I have been going for about 3 months now, not solidly as I had an injury and then a cold...which has frustrated me. Mainly because I absolutely love it. I go to an evening and a morning session usually. Like you, my running for the 1.5 miles needs alot more improvement. At the sessions we do quite alot of running around whilst doing exercises as you go, etc, etc. I remember on the first session feeling practically knackered and out of breath and then hearing the instructor saying 'thats the warm-up finished'! Oh boy, but I still managed to get through the rest of the session, the spirit within the group is excellent, lots of encouragement from other members and the instructors. I recently got a newsletter (December2007) from them stating that:

    'Army Fitness Providers
    Our expertise as military fitness providers was officially confirmed last month. In the New Year, we will become the British Army's preferred fitness provider for recruits, prior to them entering service. We are already the market leaders in outdoor fitness provision and this important contract sets us apart from our 'indoor based' competitors. So, you can rest assured you are getting the best possible workout, every time!'

    So what I would suggest to you is to go to the first session, it is free anyway, so what do you have to lose? Be prepared to ache afterwards (I barely dragged myself onto the bed that Thursday night and then was pretty stiff the day after, however I was back again for more 'torture' on the Saturday morning! Just before Christmas I did my first session in the dark, in the rain, and it was a great experience rolling about in the mud and turning up back at home wet through and caked in mud. Basically, alot of fun, pretty tough sometimes depending on the session program and whether it hits your weaknesses, plus you can go into a group suited to your level of fitness.

    Hope this helps some
  5. I am sure JayCam said something about it a while ago? I would like to do BritMilFit but no places near by for it :(
  6. just join up you get beasted and get paid happy days
  7. Does anybody know if the britmilfit scheme is run anywhere in Northern Ireland?
  8. I give full backing to BMF ive been doing it since last summer great way to get fit. Let me put it this was my 1.5 before i started it was 12.40. After i joined in a month it was around 10.35.
  9. Try the website BMF
  10. Apparently all the City types like a good beasting and the Hyde Park sessions are very popular. In time honoured style they now go to the pub afterwards. There must be totty I would think. :)
  11. BMF is a great training outfit and I would highly recommend. I used to do their MF classes and running club at Greenwich Park 3x week and it was a good mix of people and the training was organised along levels of ability. It was better than any traditional gym programs I had done. Haven't found anything equivalent yet where I am in Canada. If any expats over here know of anything similar, please drop me a PM. cheers.
  12. I had a look at the website, and it's just plain confusing :p

    Didn't see any mention of NI though =(
  13. No they don't run any classes in NI.
  14. Well thats not bad love, I know a few 40 year old birds who are only slightly faster than that so take pride! I'm sure you do well sweetheart!
    Just make sure you wear a good support bra so your boobs don't slow you down even more!