British military disasters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kilo42, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. There has been a few military disasters in Britain's long history. Elphinstones poor decisions and indecision at Kabul ended up with over 15,000 dead. In 1919 Brigadier-General Dyer gave the order that resulted in the British Army firing into crowds of unarmed civilians in Amritsar killing almost 400 and wounding around 1000. There was the charge of the Light Brigade, Galipoli, and I suppose the Somme could also be viewed as a disaster for the army.
    Can anyone think of any others that are a direct result of incompetent leadership, overoptimism or anything else, and if so who do you think should carry the can.
  2. When you mention the Somme do you refer to the opening day or the Battle in its entirety?
  3. I suppose the opening day.
  4. Options for Change
    Strategic Defence Review

    Carry the Can? I don't know, perhaps a succession of weak willed and self-centred SoS for Defence, CDS, CGS, et al not being arsed to rock the boat in case it might spoil there future political careers or directorships?
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  5. Pretty much all of my career.

    Whoever thought it would be a jolly jape to promote stacker1 beyond LCpl.
  6. Throwing away the British Empire. Whose fault? Weak willed [mainly lefty/liberal] politicians.
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  7. Pay as you dine.
  8. Don't forget JPA then either..
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  9. No charge.
  10. Both the Anglo-Boer Wars were executed with a good measure of incompetence.
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    oddly enough I had family on both sides of that little shindig - Xmas dinner get togethers in 1903 must have been pretty spectacular.
  12. Bloody Sunday
  13. Singapore would be on my list, along with Kut and possibly Cambrai. I'm not sure I'd class Arnhem as actually a disaster but a management balls up.
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  14. Obviously iraq and Afghanistan have not been a great thing, but hardly can be counted as fact they were a disaster for the politicians. Certainly the first day of the Somme ranks up there at the top.

    Dont think bloody Sunday was a disaster, got rid of a few bits of scum on that one.
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