British military cemetery rheindahlen

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tonyrod, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. hi , help needed to find the grave of my pals father,
    PLOT C, ROW D , GRAVE 1, IN THE British military cemetery Rheindahlen.
    its the exact location of the grave i need, any help appreciated, as i need to get the son over as soon as possible due to his health. regards tony
  2. thanks for that but the emails i sent to them came back. tony
  3. I don't think the Rheindahlen cemetery is a 'war cemetery' as such - I understand it to be a cemetery for soldiers and dependants that died whilst on service in BAOR, RAFG etc.

    If there is any Arrser currently serving in HQ ARRC then they might be able to help the cemetery's right outside the back gate.
  4. thanks, its not a war grave thats the problem i have had, sgt albert pollard died in 9-8-1957, AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE FOUND IT, JUST NEED SOMEONE TO CHECK IT OUT, CHEERS TONY

  5. Well I hope you have found it - my point is that Rheindahlen Cemetery is not the one shown in the link - that's the CWGC war cemetery in the Reichswald Forest. They're totally different................

    Good luck!
  6. Just had a look on Google Maps and there appears to be a military cemetery at the junction of Sutherland Avenue and Eichhofweg on the south side of the garrison.

    Try this lot they are usually very helpful in most places
  7. Or try here the Rheindahlen Branch of the Royal British Legion

    Which has its own forum where you may get local help.

    Edited to add. I see that this site has already been linked - But joining the forum may be of more help.
  8. thanks to you all, i am sure i will have no problem finding the grave.with the info i have. tony
  9. ...and there's at least one victim of PIRA buried there as well... Major Michael Dillon-Lee RA, Dortmund 2 June 1990. Shot dead otside his quarter whilst returning home from a Mess function as I recall...

    We used to patrol the cemetery as part of the "counter terrorism" duties. It was so sad to see the graves of so many little 'uns who died just hours or days old at the BMH at RAF Wegberg.
  10. I noticed that when laying some flowers there about 8 years ago. The infant deaths seem to be all around the time of 1972-73 and I have always wondered why that might be.
  11. My son's grave there dates from July 1978.