British Military built replacement Invincible in Falklands!

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by stoatman, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. According to some right-wing nutter Argie site, the Argies sank the Invincible in 1982, disguised Illustrious or Ark Royal (entered service in 1985)to replace it, hushed up the deaths of all the sailors, then constructed a secret shipyard in the Falklands to construct a new Invincible, which none of the Brits or the Islanders knew about, only the Argies.

    Also, Maggie planned to nuke Buenos Aires or somewhere, and a the following gurkhas died in the Falklands (what their names actually mean appears after them):

    BAHARU LUMPUR - no record, and Baharu & Lumpur are Malasian town name suffixes
    BANDJERMASIN BALU - no record, and these are Indonesian place names
    BANGUED LAMPUNG - no record, and these are more place names
    BILASPUR HABADLIMBU - bilaspur is a place, habadlinbu is made up
    BURU HARINFJI - Buru is an island, harifanji is made up
    BUTUAN LIMHA - Butuan is a city in the Philippines, Limha is the Louisiana Infant Mental Health Association
    DIGUL ARU APO - digul is a prison in Indonesia, Aru is in Uraguay, and Apo is the Asian Productivity Organization
    HAPATNAM VISHAK - Vishak-hapatnam is a district in India
    IMPHAL CUTTACK - Imphal and Cuttack are towns in India
    KOLHAPUR BHOPAL - Kolhapur and Bhopal are towns in India
    KUDAT JOHOR - More Indian towns
    KUPANG MASINHA - Kupang is a town in Indonesia, masinha seems to be some Brazilian thing
    LABUHANBILIK IPOH - La...k is a town in Indonesia,Ipoh is in Malasia
    LEYTE PALAWAIN - Leyte: philippines, big battle in 1944, palawain is a mis-spelling of Palawan, which is in the Philippines
    MAMUJU BALIKPARSAN - mamuju seems to be a place in Indonesia, b...n does not exist
    MOGOI DENPARSAD - mongoi is from a Mongolian folk song, d...d does not exist
    NAKTONG ULSAN - Naktong: river in Korea, Ulsan: town in Korea
    NAM PEGUKOK - Nam could be anything, p...k doesn't exist
    NAMPO HAEJU - both ports in North Korea
    PADAN BUH BELING - P.n and b.g are names, buh could be lots of things
    PANAY BOROBU - Panay: island in the philippines, borobu seems linked to Bali
    PRAPAT PAKAMBARU - prapat: town in Indonesia, p...u is a place in Indonesia
    SAIDPUR PATAN JAMMU - Saidpur: town in Bangladesh, Patan is a town in Nepal, Jammu is part of the region disputed between Pakistan & India
    SARAWAK KAYAN - S...k is a place in Malasia, and Kayan is a tribe from the same area
    SIMTANG KINABALU - S...g is a town in Nepal, K...u is the highest mountain in SE Asia
    TERENGGANU DUMAR - t...u is one of the 3 east coast states on peninsular Malasia, Dumar is lots of things
    THIRABO RANGPUR - t...o seems to be made up, rangpur is a town in Bangladesh
    UDAIPUR SIKKIM - U...r: Indian town, s...m: Indian state
    WAINGAPU PAEKTU - w...u: city in Bali, P...u: mountains in Korea
    YAMBI PADANG - Dui Yambi is a place in India, Padang is the capital of West Sumatra

    Now, I'd hate to start a forum war, but the thread where this sh1t is being spouted is here (you'll need to read back a bit too):

    Target to your front, watch and shoot...
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Now that is a quality post!
  3. Oh, one of the other mods locked the thread.

    It's fascinating how delusional people believe the most outrageous things simply cos they want them to be true, and when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary just say "it's a secret" :D
  4. I just read all of the thread, and jesus these people are either delusional, very stupid or in my view, just wind up merchants, the latter being the more acceptable reason. If I am wrong, then why the fcuk have they got computers in the Looney bin Hospitals available to patients.
  5. Try moving around in the site!!!

    It's not bad in general, there are some top blokes on it.

    But some think an stimulating discussion on the best divs of the german army invoves a few lists and some pictures.

    Of course Erwin, IrishDuck and Arkantos are complete barking!!!

    He/they claims to have interviewed vetrans, etc, etc.

    They tie themselves up on practically every point. And merely stand there ground to all arguements with "Shhhhh", "it is secret".

    Anyway, Dani the mod has just pointed out that Arkantos (Erwins mexican freind/persona) has been posting links to Argentine sites, not mexican ones.

    The axe is about to fall me thinks!!!

    Top read.
  6. Interestingly one of these clowns claims to be in Mexico, a country with a brilliant military record. Loss of California and Texas to the americans, invaded by the yanks in the early 1900s, the only wars they have had a result in have been their many civil wars ( after all beat yourself up and you cant lose). The facts speak for themselves, Britain launched the longest invasion in history (8000 miles i think) against a dug in enemy and kicked ass.
  7. It's quite simple really, anyone reading ARRSE who sailed back on the invincible place a message in these idiots messageboard, how stupid can some people be!
  8. The argies are so delusional that they will just say that those people are in on the conspiracy!

    I'm of the opinion that they are not just trolling - they firmly believe what is written on that libreopinion site!
  9. The Argies are delusional.

    Being in Cyprus with the UN we see it everywhere with our dago "friends". Most aptly the day before yesterday, where a map of Argentina has:

    Las Malvinas

    Above it.

    Needless to say it is now struck through in black ink and reads:

    Falkland Islands

    Crazy fe fe fe speaking MOFOs!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ah well looks like Erwin and his fellow 12yos/multiple logins have managed to talk themselves into probably getting booted from WW2.

    What a numpty!!!! :lol: :lol: :roll:
  11. If one of the Arrse mods acted in the manner in which Erwin has in the past few weeks, they'd have had their MOD priviliges revoked in a split second! He just got a warning & kept his privilidges, which he has resoundingly abused...

    Fecking amusing thread though :D
  12. This is, aparantly, what HMS Invincible looked like just prior to her sinking. Yeah right, a classic piece of photoshoppery if ever i saw it. I must admit, that thread has been one of the most entertaining internet reads i've had for a while. I'm not sure what these lot are on, but i do think they actually believe the crap their spouting. Strange, delusional people.


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  13. No imagination used there at all, if a ship is on fire surely it would be hove too and dropping lifeboats, and I'd imagine the harriers would be off deck too, to chase the nazi , sorry argie planes or whatever..

    They could have tried harder than that :)
  14. It also appears that despite being underway (look at me au fait with fish head speak) all the smoke is blowing off the starboard side (there I go again).

    It must be very windy.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Aye aye Cap'n ! Splice the main scupper ! Belay me porthole ! Avast behind !
    Hey, this Jackspeak is catching !