British military bank notes.

1957 Germany; You had a choice of DMs or 'baffs'. Smallest note IIRC 3 old pence. Mind you full strength untipped Senior Service were 1/- (5p) for 20 in the NAAFI.
During WW II all US money in Hawaii was special currency with Hawaii printed on it. This was done in case Hawaii was overrun by the Japs so all Hawaii currency could be demonetized.


In addition to the small overprints on the face the back was overprinted and the serial number and US Treasury seal were in brown ink rather than the blue ink found on ordinary silver certificates.
Allied troops embarking for France in 1944 were issued with newly-printed Liberation Francs. I used to have a Liberation 5-Franc note, which was about 3 inches square, blue, with a French tricolour printed prominently on one side.
Still used in Berlin when I visited as a kiddie cadet in '76. Can't remember whether they were still current when I was back there for my first posting as a grown up in '81-82. Ned.
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What am I offered?
Tickets for chips and beer, bought first and then just handed over, saves valuable drinking time in the bierkeller.
A wondrous kraut invention that really should be adopted world wide in all good throat emporiums.


A wondrous kraut invention that really should be adopted world wide in all good throat emporiums.
I've seen something alomg those lines at bike rallies and swap meets. Over here it's a handy way to get around liquor licensing laws.
So civilisation has reached the Antipodes then.


The Saffas at Beltring did a similar thing with raffle tickets, us Dads were encouraged to enter a raffle for the chance to win a taste of boerwoers and Beer. Oddly enough we all seemed to win!
The examples of the BAFVs you have shown went out of circulation in 1971 and were replaced with the new decimalisation currency until they too went out of circulation around 1975/1976. I believe Berlin was the last Station to use BAFVs as legal currency in NAAFIs and Service Outlets only.

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