British MIA in Helmand

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taff49, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Whatever the reason for his disapearance, I hope they find him alive and well.
  2. whole things a bit strange. News says he just walked out. I can't think of better place to take a stroll. Just hope he's alright.
  3. i hope it ends swiftly, for the soldiers / families sake.
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  4. It sounds as if we are not being told the whole story here... Why did the guard let him out on his own? Also we are not being told his cap badge, just "A British Soldier"...Could it be one of "THEM"?
  5. It's on the DII homepage now, wasn't there a Yank who just wandered out of camp some time ago?
  6. Para 4 of the Telegraph art. Taliban spokesman implies he was captured during a patrol:

    "The soldier was captured yesterday evening during a firefight. When the fighting got more intense we couldn't keep him so we had to kill him," Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters.

    British soldier 'captured by Taliban in Afghanistan' - Telegraph
  7. Taliban are claiming they have executed him, MOD yet to confirm, hope to god they are bullshitting.
  8. That was my absolute worst case scenario whilst in theatre and I can only hope his death was swift.

    My thoughts are with his family and his colleagues who will no doubt be second guessing themselves.
  9. More common than you would think. In the interests of avoiding negative press I'll not give details.
  10. Double Post.
  11. The ANA have told the BBC they believe he left the camp to go for a swim in the river.
    As for who let him out maybe he was the guard. Maybe he climbed out an unmanned sangar. I'm sure if you wanted to get out of a PB or CP you could. And as for the lack of details, will be the same as if a soldier is killed cap badge is never released in the first statement, I wouldn't read that much in to it.
    As for what the taliban say in the past they claimed casualties were extracted by fast air. So what they say means nothing.
    Just hope he turns up ok.

  12. Could your speculation be any more wild?!
  13. I'm sorry.....what?
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