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yank_eyetie said:
In the Infantry forum, there was a discussion of a walt who claimed to have served with the US in Vietnam. In addition to Rick Rescorla, here is another real British-born hero of the War:

Cavaiani later served with distinction in the Delta Force.
In 1982 our unit admininstered Vogelsang for two weeks, providing range staff, comms, etc. One of the units participating was a bunch of French Spahis and while we were there they and we held a joint Escape and Evasion exercise. At the end of it, there was a joint piss-up and I recall the question kept arising about the pale blue inch of glory they all wore. The story they told was that it was a unit award of the CMOH for some action somewhere, somewhen. There was some swapping of 15/19H cap badges and inches of glory.

I also managed to get the freedom of Paderborn. The local Bundeswehr recce regiment (Aufklärungsabteilung 7 IIRC) were up for the freedom in June - July 77 and they decided to invite participation from local regiments. Also being recce, we were invited to represent our country. I got to command a Samaritan in the company of a Scorpion, Scimitar, Spartan, etc. We had to learn Boxhead drill.

We practised the parade for about a week, out on the Training Area (which is where the whole thing took place - why not take over Paderborn for the day?). About this time, it was announced that Silver Jubilee Medals would be awarded. Unlike previous jubilees, instead of one per serving soldier it was to be about three per major unit. Which meant CO, Adjt and RSM. There was some disquiet among the ranks about it during this parade. Then a few minutes before the parade, somebody suggested not bothering, by way of protest, especially since all the other invitees were getting medals.

Mutiny? Maybe. Anyway the subaltern in charge promptly legged it to speak to a liaison officer. I was crashed in the back of me Samaritan awaiting kick-off when suddenly I was grabbed by the ankle and told to get off my backside and fall in outside. Screwing beret onto head, I stumbled out, muttering quite loudly about needing me beauty sleep, only to discover the German CO in the throes of pinning Freedom of Paderborn medals onto wer overalls.

I think it's still in me shreddies drawer. It's like a Scout badge. But there's only a dozen Brits ever had them issued. And it's mine.

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