British manufactured weapons that were world beaters


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From the RAF Bomber thread...

Which weapons over the last 100 years or so were world beaters?

Harrier Jump Jet
Centurion Tank

Ok I'm stumped what else?
lee enfield 303
Upholder class subs
Challenger 2
Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife
The Gurkha.
Churchill AVRE "Petard" chucker....Percy Hobart you beauty!
the Bren gun was manufactured here, as were (and are) dozens of other licensed products. Maybe the thread should have been "British designed weapons that were world beaters"
The Chain Home early warning radar system. The air defence command and control arrangements were pretty good, too.

Centurion - and the 105mm tank gun

The woolly pully
vickers mg
25lb pounder


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The Mosquito
Brown Bess Musket has to be in there. Literally the weapon that won the Empire.
17 Pdr Anti Tank
25 Pdr Gun Howitzer
Both WWII designs which lasted long after the war had ended.

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