British Make Initial Gains Against Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. I am posting this here as well as the Afghan thread because I suspect people are not giving that thread the attention it deserves - and this is a very good Story from the front page of America's leading newspaper.

    A damned sight better angle than the UK press and its 'we are all doomed lets convert to Islam now ' line.

    British Make Initial Gains Against Taliban

    British Troops front page of the New York Times yet again - making those Manhatten Girls go all warm....Lions with good manners and cute accents... :wink:
  2. Good read that also illustrates what a cowardly bunch and the tactics the Taliban use against us and the Afghan people. As the police chief said

    “They committed a terrible crime,” Hajji Wali said of his son’s killing. “Islam does not permit such cruelty.”

    So its about time that other muslims followed suit and tell these scum that they are traitors to the faith they are supposedly fighting for.
  3. Shows two things.
    1. The British Army is successful in what it does.

    2. What people really want is to be able to get on with their lives and put a bit better food on the table. One irrigation ditch is worth ten F15s circling above, and cheaper too.

    Read Loretta Napoleoni -Jihad (I think that's right) about how terrorist organizations get finance and a support base in local populations. Religion is only part of it, the major part is by providing financial services to locals when the state infrastructure fails them. So if you want a cheap loan to rebuild your house that the Israelis knocked over, or simply to buy some tools, then they have the banking system. Then where do your sympathies lie, with the western/capitalist oriented national system, or the lads who helped you build that bedroom for your daughter?

    Now Bush is offering millions of $$$ to bolster up the governments of Arabian states with military hardware, the same govts who do sweet FA for the people and at the same time enrich his buddies whilst ensuring their support for the next Republican candidate to maintain their vested interests.

    For the same money he could set up a counter-terrorist banking service by giving money at low interest to where it matters, the poor farmers and workers who give their support to the terrorists. The 'war' could be won quite sharply, by removing the support for the bad guys.
    His way we prolong it, - and don't tell me he doesn't know.
    The road ahead is long for we walk in the shadow of Bushes.
  4. Excellent post especially the above statement. There are similar wellfare schemes operated in Africa although not with the intention of halting terrorism. The trouble with governments is that they are so detached they can't see the little things and only concentrate on big, grandiose ideas.

    No matter where you go in the world people are fundamentally the same. They want, security, rule of law, basic freedom, decent shelter, adequate food, the chance to better themselves and give their children a better future than they have.

    Empowerment gives them the ability to chose for themselves. Small schemes such as that which you suggest, but operated on a large scale would have a dramatic effect. It doesn't require the intellectual rigors of brain surgery or rocket science to realise it so why don't these buffoons (which include large aid agencies) put things like this into practice?
  5. Possibly because politicians and beaurocrats support those who put them in power, and in Bush's case it wasn't the american people.
  6. Well done to all concerned.....

  7. Well, that voice isn't loud enough, is it?
  8. Well done one and all stay safe.

    Vikings keep up the good work
  9. I want to echo what easesprings says 'Dwarfs' comment are telling as well

    "Shows two things.
    1. The British Army is successful in what it does.

    2. What people really want is to be able to get on with their lives and put a bit better food on the table. One irrigation ditch is worth ten F15s circling above, and cheaper too.'

    edited for crap grammar
  10. No interest surely - to comply with Koran?

    Pedantic point aside - a highly sensible post.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Not if the mission was to reduce the production of drugs:

    KABUL, Afghanistan: Afghanistan's poppy crop this year could yield even more opium than last year's record harvest because of favorable weather conditions, a United Nations official said Monday.

    Afghanistan's opium crop grew 59 percent in 2006 to 407,000 acres, yielding a record crop of 6,100 tons, enough to make 610 tons of heroin — 90 percent of the world's supply, according to the U.N.

  12. On a lighter note Im surprised the CDT teams havent paid us a visit yet over in Afghan. Saying that Im sure they will be around for Post Opleave afterwards.
  13. It's a popular misconception that the Koran forbids interest to be paid on a loan. What is forbidden is charging excessive interest or usuary. Here's a link. One of the problems with the Koran just like any other religious text is that it has to be interpreted. There 100 people can read the same thing and think it means 100 different things. Therefore, some can interpret interest as usuary, however in the practical world it's ignored.
  14. So what interest rate is allowed? My understanding is that interest is banned full stop, but there are various schemes allowed that take its place - and thus the Islamic banking industry, etc.
  15. Lloyds TSB offers an Islamic account, but they don't charge or provide interest, in line with the Koran.

    It's all about interpretation these days.