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British London 2012 Olympians were used as guinea pigs for Special Forces

2 cans of Lynx - makes all known Special Forces (and indeed all squaddies - apart from Sappers who find the spray mechanism is a little too complex to operate) feel like sexual gods, with no detectable reason. And definitely induces vomiting.

Certainly not. Sappers just know you’re not supposed to swallow the stuff...


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
Sadly, I can't view the Wail


Which about covers their level of commercial nous. Without disabling my ad blocker, I can't read the on-line mail - and thus increase the page view count or potentially click on some of their sponsored links. And I have no intention of disabling it...


Dab was shite.

Warsteiner was the best beer in the ‘zone’.

Schultheiss, however, was the beer of champions:)
Getting pissed on free Dab in Oman, it was the best beer ever.
Dortmund camps had Koren Export. Paderborn camps had this
Four bottles for 6 quid at Asda

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