British Lions tour to South Africa 2021

No idea why he took Curry off and his replacement was VERY lucky not to go to the bin.
Thank Biggar opened up his knee there.


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Don't know if Mako Vuinipola is on ARRSE but if he is, I hope he will accept my apologies.

I was talking bollox!
That’s a hard fought win.
Maro Itoje was head and shoulders the man of the match.
very good fight back because that wasn’t on the cards at half time.

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I watched the second half and rather enjoyed it.


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What a good game, I thought they'd lost it in the first half but they played a blinder in the second with a rub of the green to add to the well played game
You need a bit of luck and the Lions had a few calls go their way. However great second half and deserved win.
I've said it before but does Courtney Lawes ever have a bad game?
Also I have to eat a bit of humble pie. AWJ was every bit the captain.
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Itoje - Outstanding. Back to his best.
Lawes - Proved many people wrong with a savage performance.
Watson - Moronic tackle. Very lucky not to be sent off.
Daly - Hard to see him starting the next test.
Itoje and Lawes were really good.
Hamish Watson lucky not to be sent off, or yellowed at least.
Daly strangely off the pace.

More to the point, the team as a whole was not functioning properly in the first half. They need a boot up the collective arse.
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