British Lions Tour to RSA 2009

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_baron, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Right here we go never mind the nightmare that is the RWC!! What about the remaining 22 months until the next Lions tour?

    Rumours are abound that O'Sullivan will be head coach? Will it be another whitewash?

    Who would you pick as head coach? Is there any player out there now that should apply for his visa now? And when should they start seriuosly thinking about getting this stuff in place?

    I say get Geechs and Telfer back in some sot of capacity, and on current form I'd have to say Hadden as the Scotland squad seems to be the most balanced, relax and the ones enjoying the game the most. But as for the rest of the coaches, why go for one of the Home Nations coaches? Why not some of the guys from the Magners League or Premiership? Use the Lions as a sorta academy for national coaches.

    Player wise I can only think of about of about of a handful of players in the current RWC squads two of them being Chris Patterson and Rory Lamont, possibly Tom Rees and Dwayne Peel. However, I think after the 2008 6 Nations and during the 08 Autumn Internationals is when players should be seriously considered with the 2009 Six Nations used to fill in the gaps.

    I also think a training squad of 50 should start coming together next summer, with a actual travelling squad of 34/35.

    And the only definite is James Robson the Lions doctor since at 97!
  2. Martin Johnson as coach. Danny Cipriani and James Haskell from Wasps will probably go.

    You'll obviously have the likes of O Gara and O Driscoll, they still won't be old gits by then, only 32/33.
  3. As long as Gareth Jenkins isnt the coach I dont care.The man is a tool.Peel has lost a bit of class so for me its Mike Phillips at 9. Wilkinson will no doubt be in a wheel chair by then.I do think the 09 lions will do well aslong as the right coaching set up is there.
  4. He has no interest in coaching at the minute and just because he was a great skipper doesn't mean he'd make a great coach.

    Should both be with England now!

    I think O'Gara peaked when Munster won the ERC, and as for BO'D... Since he was made skipper he's not been that great to be honest!
  5. Baron, we both know that people arn't always picked on performances.

    Andy Farrell has been picked on reputation alone. There are many, many centres in England that outclass him.