British Legion steal nine clubs from members and sell them

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by lastmusketteer, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Anyone heard about the latest wheeze from RBL

    Goes like this:-

    RBL pick nine legion clubs at random spend a stupendous fortune doing them up.

    Then wonder why they're not doing any more business than before. Then after a few months say to the locals " You lot can f**k off"

    Then put all the clubs on the market and sell them to property developers.

    Sounds like a made up actually true in every detail.

    My local club which was built and paid for by war veterans in the late 40's, was robbed from the members by the RBL and sold to a property developer for about half it's value.

    It's a scandal and the RBL won't even answer our calls let alone actually send someone to talk to us.

    If you think this should be stopped complain on the link below

    Go to your local legion and ask the commitee to pass a resolution of censure on the trustees of RBL
  2. So, all I can say on your behalf at the moment is

    ''A bloke on the internet says you nicked his club off him, somewhere, at some point, or not, I dunno really, but boo to you, just in case.'

    Talk about half-cocked, sheesh.
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  3. Because these allegations are serious, I don't think they can be dismissed out of hand. Why is it not refuted by the RBL? Silence is not an option.
  4. Why isnt it. Do people have to answer every accusation made against them?
  5. The committees of each of the clubs voted to become 'new legion clubs' so they were hardly stolen 8O
  6. Hi,

    The commitees were promised, in writing, that the clubs would be refurbished and that this investment would secure their futures in the long term.

    No commitee was told that the club had to make an immediate profit or it would be sold off in less than 18 months. The old club made a small profit, it was madness to think they would double or triple their turnover, all the clubs are in little dogpatch minor towns and villages, how could RBL justify borrowing the money to do them up.

    At the end of the day the members paid for these clubs and now they are being sold by RBL without the local members even being consulted
  7. The original members built your club to be run by and for local members and the current members handed it over to RBL control, so why should the members now be consulted if RBL want to sell them?
  8. Actually I can quite believe this and it's probably even more scandalous than them just selling the club's. Where did they get the club's from in the first place? My local British Legion Club was started up about 50 year's ago by several local people, all of them ex servicemen. They firstly formed up and met as the local British Legion Branch in a local pub but eventually collected enough money to buy some ground off the Council. They then went to a brewery who lent them the money to build club premises. The club thrived for year's and they even went to the brewery again and obtained a further loan to knock down the old premises and rebuild new better and bigger facilities. The whole thing was run in 2 parts with the actual club being run as a venture on premises that were actually owned by the local Legion Branch. However one day somebody from the Branch thought it would be a marvelous idea to pass the deed's to the whole place to British Legion Headquarters in Pall Mall for safekeeping. Somebody from Pall Mall thought it would then be a great idea to charge the club a large rent for the premises. The upshot is that, a local facility brought and paid for by local ex servicemen is now being used by Pall Mall to squeeze large amount's of money from that club. The downturn in ex servicemen over the years caused by natural causes, i.e. people dying, has meant that money has got tighter and tighter. There is now no requirement to be an ex serviceperson and I can see the logic in that, the club has got to servive as best as it can and if that means a more open door policy, fair enough, but, they are now in a position where if Pall Mall decides they are a more attractive entity as a capital receipt, i.e. flog the place and take the money and run, the "local" British Legion club has no say in the matter. The whole thing brought and paid for by local ex service people, squeezed dry by Pall Mall and hung out to dry whenever Pall Mall decides they would sooner have the money. Doesn't seem right to me?
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  9. It was a local person who balls it all up then? Don't vote for idiots to be on your committee.
  10. I take your point but that still doesn't make it right nor does it even make it legal. The Branch hold the deed's on behalf of the membership. The membership were never asked if they were happy to pass them on and the Colonel's and General's in Pall Mall don't "have to" screw the membership.
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  11. The Royal British Legion is little more than a QUANGO now.It has little or no interest in veterans/clubs/housing for ex-service people that aren't in its little corporate world in London.Not just little Legion clubs it's fkd over-Leamington Spa wasn't exactly small.Wonder how much they get in poppy contributions from there now-veterans out on the streets in all weathers.Signing over RBL housing to Housing 21/Local Authority suddenly had frail ex-service people having to put up with drug addicts/care in the community/asylum seekers-did RBL give 2 fks?Did they hell.As long as the Park Lane/Kensington cocktail circuit is ok,they don't seem to give a sh1t about anybody else.About time it was replaced by a proper outfit
  12. It probably is legal otherwise it wouldnt be happening. Your members must have voted to allow the committee to make decisions on their behalf.
    Its not a good thing to happen however, its down to the members if they want to give away their rights.
  13. The legion has not been in Pallmall for some time. The building cannot be sold if it is the property of the local Branch, but if it is property of headquarters then they can do what they like with it. now my local Earl Haig is Branch owned and we almost left the legion, because they thought they could use our club for meeting and such without getting permission from our committee, or paying to use it. If it aint paying its way they will get rid,or more likely lease the property, they did this to the Cardiff central branch about twenty years ago and leased it , it is now the Welsh speaking "Club Ivor Bach" and is making the legoion a good deal of money
  14. Bet it pays for a good few chauffeur driven cars & cocktail lunches for the top boys.RBL is as bad as Oxfam-top money for the Head Office people,but have no interest whatsoever in the founding principles of the original Legion.Bet the board people buy every replica/walt medal going,and have invited that Day thing to join them :x tossers
  15. Must still be the 'Cocktail Hour'.Or perhaps RBL seniors don't bother themselves with Service forums.After all,what have the Mob got to do with their jobs :slow:
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