British Legion Official Jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Good.
  2. Indeed.
    What a scumbag.
  3. Wonder if Mr. Portlock actually served himself? It doesn't say anywhere, just shows there's no age limit on being a scumbag.
  4. Probably not, obviously has no sense of decency toward the veterans.

    Couldnt have put it any better.
  5. Justice has been done!

    To young for WW2...... reckon he was a National Serviceman........
  6. Will be looking out for him on the streets of Gloucester and can't wait to tell him what I think! (Though he's obvioulsy not going to be around for the next few weeks)
  7. Oneshot,

    Don't bother looking for him down the Legion. I expect he'll be battered to death with zimmer frames and walking sticks if he dares to set foot inside!


  8. According to this earlier BBC report, he walted as a Welsh Guards Major, but was subsequently found to have lied about it.

    This chap clearly got his Legions mixed up - if he'd joined the Legion of Frontiersmen he could have had all the pretend ranks and medals he wanted.
  9. An utter disgrace.
  10. He was even given a life line and even then couldnt do the right thing :evil:

    Portlock had been told he would be spared jail if he paid back his former friends within six months, but he failed to return a penny.

    Words cant describe his actions :x