British Legion/Help For Heroes CD- help needed!

I'll try and keep this to the point, but apologies in advance if I meander a bit!

First off, most of you probably haven't heard it but the RAF has the Live Music Association which exists for us musical and not so musical types to get together, form bands, organise gigs, etc., all that good stuff. My band's one of them, and there's a really high standard with some good bands, both originals and covers. I've no idea if the Army does the same sort of thing, or the Navy for that matter, but...

One of the guys in the RBL Riders (bikers) branch has approached me asking whether I knew any bands who'd be up for contributing originals or covers to a benefit CD for veterans, or any contacts that could help out making it happen. Well, we've already talked about that sort of stuff in the LMA in aid of H4H, so I've suggested pooling our resources and if we can make it happen, splitting the funds between the two charities.

Here's the thing then- if any of you on here play in bands who'd like to contribute, or you can think of a way you can help out with this, please get in touch and PM me. It's just an idea at the moment, but there are several bands already keen to get involved and people keen to make it happen.


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