British Legion charity box thieves let off by Judge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by POGscribbler, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Bring back public flogging I say :D

  2. Steal £50 out a bank get 5yrs
    Steal £100's in that situation and it's OK!!,dual standard's?

    There again it was OK for the MP'S to do it and get away with it
  3. Why does this suprise you?

    Dont vote for Labour when the election comes.
  4. Another right-on Gaurdianista judge in the Cherie Bliar mould.
  5. Surprised it went to court in the first place.
    Nothing is sacred in this country now-a-days.
    Personally I'd have birched the pair of them.
  6. and you wonder why the country is in the feckin state its in today????

    Shitbag judge lets off shitbag scum like that

    No fekin hope left is there
  7. I live in a fairly expensive area, but DSS scroungers seem to have found their way in nonetheless. They think nothing of living off my taxes, stealing and vandalising my posessions, doing their very best to initimidate and inconvenience. They're pissed all hours of the day and don't go to work so they're blasting music or revving their illegally modified, untaxed cars most of the night. They're horribly unhealthy and a massive drain on the NHS (which I also pay for, but don't use) and in years to come will no doubt drain it even more as they die untimely deaths from smoking/drunking/drug/fat induced illnesses. Oh, and their (huge number of) kids are fast becoming scum.

    I despise them with every fibre of my being. This couple should be publicly decapitated or burned alive.
  8. they look at you like a madman if you suggest you can solve the heroin problem in say Brighton and hove in a weekend for £10k
    hire a van
    industrial wood chipper
    lots of black bags
    a silenced pistol couple of hundred rounds
    some sharp knives
    some disposable coveralls plenty of bleach and the hire of a boat for an hour or so. :twisted:
  9. "Oxford Crown Court Judge Julian Hall said he would not jail him because his crimes were "drugs-driven" and "the money involved is very little". "

    What about the principle? What about tough on crime, the causes et al? I think daft and dodery old judges should be made to retire at 50, as decisions like this make me realise the feckers don't live in the real world.
  10. Are you sure a couple of hundred rounds is enough ?
  11. Why bother?

    Take an unoccupied Scottish Island, place half a dozen Nissen Huts there filled with Heroin, Cocaine and any other seized illegal drugs.

    Have a one way boat taking all the druggies there. Have large pits dug and burn the dead ones once a month.

    Crime drops, Benefit claiming drops and free prescriptions drop and they get all the free drugs they want.

  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Can we cut the coke with something nasty like anthrax or something equally nasty to make it painful?

    AND.....We can get the doley's to work for their money by having them bury the dead!!Win win for all!
  13. Apparently the local council in conjunction with the Regional NHS have started a charity box exchange scheme whereby drug addicts can come and exchange their empty charity box for a full one stolen by a member of the council so the drug addict doesn't have to risk injury by stealing their own. A spokeswoman for the scheme said that so far it was working very well although there does seem to have been a knock on effect of a lot of premature deaths amongst Multiple Sclerosis sufferers and old soldiers in the town but they were thought to be unrelated. It had been determined that this new scheme has had a significant effect in reducing convictions for larceny amongst drug takers who, let's not forget are the true victims here.
  14. I like it. Community service perhaps?

    It would only be coke in appearance, who knows what it would be cut with :twisted:
  15. I wonder if this 'Judge' has ever served in H.M. Forces? Or would that mean risking contact with the real world?