British Legion branch in trouble.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by PE4rocks, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Looks like the Legion in Birkenhead could do with a hand from any in the area.


  2. Also heard the RNA(Royal Navy Association) in Childwall, Liverpool is also to close in January. There's been a Bags ball there on a friday night for years, fantastic place for copping off with the Hyton ladies.

  3. It only has one active member? Wow.
  4. Come on you wooly backs get it sorted.
    I live across the water so it's a bit far.
  5. When I was a student in London I joined the British Legion in Kilburn.
    It was full of walts wearing "Committee' badges.

    A classic moment was when I got talking to a 'Committee' member at the bar and I asked him who he served with and he said "The Paras"(Surprise, surprise).
    So I told him I was ex 1 Para and he said "I know" tapping his nose.

    It was only later I realised I had just been initiated into a 'walts club' and was on the border of being accepted into said group of saddos.

    When they found out I really had been in the army I was ostracised.

    I went there twice.
  6. Birkenhead was formed in July 1921 but it was not the first branch.

    The Royal British Legion Paris Branch holds the distinction of being the very first Branch of the organisation, its articles dating from 14 May 1921 which actually pre-dates the official establishment of the RBL.

    Hope Birkenhead gets the support.
  7. Here's another first. According to the Ypres League, the RBL branch in Ypres was a continuation of the Ypres League, so arguably the original RBL. Here you go:
  8. Okay, I live on the Wirral of which Birkenhead is a part. When I became a civvy in 1978, I joined my local branch at Moreton.

    The prick sitting on the door at the time asked if I had served in the forces and when I said army he commented along the lines of "what the salvation army?" I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it go only to find that the majority of those who frequented the place were no marks who had never put a uniform on unless it belonged to HMP and I am not talking warders.

    I was a member for about a year and occasionally dropped in for a beer or two and discovered that if one hung about a bit in the upstairs bar, at the end of the night the "committee" held an O group while the steward cleared the pumps. i.e. it was free beer all round. Can't have beer festering in the pumps all night what! Not being totally stupid I took my share but felt slightly guilty about it.

    I'm not sure exactly what I am trying to say but the whole place was very clicky and outsiders (even if they had served) were treated with suspicion. I suppose I only got free beer to keep my gob shut?

    I have moved now but have another Legion within five minutes walking distance from my house. Rumour has it that it is in trouble. I have been in there roughly twice for family parties which brought welcome income yet some of the "regulars" have taken exception to our being there and sitting in their regular places. It's quite a sight to see a private family party being gate crashed by geriatrics all demanding their regular seats yet feeling free to help themselves to our scoff. Genuine ex servicemen I will give anything to but lets not kid ourselves that a lot of these are nothing of the kind.

    A great pity because mostly the beer is a lot cheaper than most places!
  9. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons some of them are in trouble ? :(
  10. Why twice?
  12. This seems to be a recurring theme. Where my OH lives in Cornwall, the RBL has closed down due to debts and declining membership. They were given the opportunity to get themselves sorted by RBL HQ, but this meant putting plasmas in, open up more often, being told to actively recruit locally etc and HQ would pay off the debts, but they said no, so club closed and it's a real shame as the building is huge and had loads of potential for use. Also when I ran pubs for a national chain, I poped into the local RBL (Norbury) and asked for a collection box to place on the bar. The look on the commitee's faces was one of disbelief, I explained that I was ex services and why I wanted it and the answer I got was "Sorry, we only use the collection boxes at the appropriate time ( this was in March)" I got told by the Old'n Bold in the pub that the Legion is only used by the local unwashed due to the prices and most of the oldies had gone to other Legions. The one in Norbury at the time hadn't had a new member in over 5 years.
  13. alas its the same all over..county say theres one a month (legion) closeing now.. and meny are going into "shops" to keep the welfare going.. the legion is a reg charity and as such cannot give cash to other charitys... dont know why,,, they can do as we did once let them hire the room out and make it a ticket do.. and every penny made is given back to them... the only cash made now is in a TA hall.. this sunday a £1:00 a pint.. thats for the ones on parade.. :)
  14. Does that rather strange Scot still run it?
  15. Funnily enough had a drink with him there today in between ceremonies, so yes.