British Kit found in Hezbollah Bunkers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dan_man, Aug 20, 2006.

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    AN URGENT investigation was launched last night after Israel accused Britain of indirectly supplying Hezbollah terrorists with military night-vision equipment that helped them to target Israeli soldiers in Lebanon.

    The equipment was found by Israeli troops in Hezbollah command bunkers in southern Lebanon. Each set was stamped “made in Britain”.

    If you read the article we gave them to Iran back in 2003 to fight drug smuglers, wtf?
  2. On a similair note.

    I found an Aeroplane in Israel with Made in USA written on it.
  3. Quick! Search Ebay for :

    'Genuine SAS/PARA/SAS/SBS/HEZBOLLAH Combat Spoon'
  4. Eh and the GOC Ganistant wuz just being told by an Officer that the one thing his lads in the outposts needed was Night Vision Goggles.
    BBC World Service report AM 21 August 06.
  5. Its worth pointing out that the kit found was British but it has not yet been confirmed that its from stuff sent in 2003 to fight drug smugglers.

    For a good explanation of why the kit was sent in the first place.,,2-2322076,00.html#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=Britain
    The battle to stem the flow of heroin and opium has resulted in the deaths of more than 3,500 Iranian anti-narcotics police since 1997. So much that I enjoy bashing the government for stupid moves this one at least had some logic behind it. Not that its going to help any one if it does turn out that this night gear was from the stuff the government sent.
  6. Crooks, terrorists, and cartels get their hands on military hardware all the time, hardly news. Now, if Hezbollah was driving a Challenger or a Bradley, maybe it would warrant concern, but this is pretty minor. Columbian Cartels have way more hardware.
  7. They bought the NVG's from 49 Para!!!
  8. It's not the point of what the kit is mate, it's where it's from that they're making a fuss about.
  9. If we sold these night vision goggles to Iran in good faith then fair enough, it's just bad luck I suppose that they may have ended up in the hands of Hezbollah. Israel should be big enough to accept that equipment used to fight them may be from western sources and that we can't control the black marketeers etc. I'd be more worried if things like SA80/GPMG or LAW94 were found there!!
  10. The article specificaly mentions a thermovision 1000 device. Thermovision is the trademark of the US company Flir Systems. Many of their products (thermal Imaging devices) are sold for commercial purposes all over the world, and could have been bought in either the EU or the US and many other places. They do have a facility in the UK. These cameras are no larger than a videa camera and look much the same so could easily be taken out the country in personal baggage. Not even the US is going to restrict the commercial use of these devices.

  11. This is a brilliant strategy for fighting terrorism, supply them with crappy british kit.
  12. Lets sell them our SF Chinooks?
  13. by the time they're ready there'll be peace in the middle east!
  14. I'd be worried if hezbollah had SA80 even nthe uvf did'nt want them :twisted:
  15. So that's where all the kit is going. When my daysack went "missing" off the back of a four tonner in Warminster I thought some scrote / the colour man had had it away.

    I now see that Hezbollah had a pipeline going!

    I bet they find two IR filters from PNVGs as well as the b.astards had two of them off me as well. Christ - I must have personally funded three suicide bombers with all the lumicolours they've had away.