british jobs for british workers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, May 27, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ...or not, as the case may be -

    'A plan to award Romania a £400 million contract to upgrade Royal Air Force helicopters has been delayed amid fears of a voter backlash.

    Senior military officers have told The Times that the Government is holding up the contract to overhaul the RAF Pumas for political reasons.'

    nice to know the government has everyone's best interests at heart again.
  2. The Government is said to favour switching the £250 million to £400 million contract from Eurocopter to AgustaWestland, which would upgrade the Royal Navy's Sea Kings instead of the Pumas. The work would be done in Yeovil and could create hundreds of jobs

    However, this is not an option that the Armed Forces favour because the Pumas are better suited to “hot and high” work in Afghanistan.

    So, politics is getting in the way of a squaddies safety yet again. Who cares if the jobs go to Romania if we get the right kit. We buy shed loads of septic & boxhead kit coz ours is crap, more expensive and coslier to maintain, so why is there even an argument?
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    And why Romania? So a French company can fulfil its offset obligations to the Romanian govt for Romanian defence purchases of french equipment. British govt money is being used to help French arms sales
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    perhaps the RAF contingent on here could shed some light on this, but are there *no* UK firms capable of performing this work on the Puma fleet?
  5. Why not the Romanians if they can do it at a cheaper price.

    I for one am sick of being held to ransom under the banner of "Buy British".

    I will ALWAYS buy British as long as its competitively priced, if a company can't be competitive..... it goes to the wall.

    Sorry, it's the nature of Capitalism. There is no God given right to a contract by virture of ethnicity!!!
  6. Bugga ... just missed Auf Wiedersehen Pet ..... on the telly
  7. The problem of cheapness is more that the work needs to be done to the highest possible standard, not to the cheapest. If you always give contracts to the lowest bidder, you're not likely to achieve high quality standards.

    Romania is still an emerging market- too much investment is risky and, for something as important as this, not necessarily a wise policy. If there are problems or maintenance demands, it'd be better to have a company and expertise in the UK ready to work on the helicopters rather than sending them back to Romania. Equally, as is often the nature of businesses in emerging markets, when trouble and technical problems loom, companies have a habit of suddenly going insolvent until it's safe for them to pop up again under a different name....

  8. When Eurocopter were offered the contract did the government know they would be rebuilt in Romania , in the climate we are in at the moment it would be totally wrong for the government to award it to any company that did not use British worker's even if the contract was slightly subsidised by the government,.
  9. Oh indeed, always by the cheapest, what ever the cost. I was reading the other day that there have been delays with spares etc for essential army kit because it was US made and the septics wanted the whole output for their own boys. But we bought the cheapest, now we couldn't use it.

    Equally one has to consider that if this helo job does go to the Froggies, and thus boost their arms exports twice, once to us and second to the bulgarians, the Italians who own Westlands where the work would otherwise be done now sack many from Westlands as there is no work, so for our cheap helos we now end up paying unemployemtn money for the UK workers who could have made the helos, I wonder if that really was the cheapest way of doining it. Also what happens when we need spares and the Frogs need then too, who will get them firts us, I don't think so

    There is an old saying about knowing the price of everything and the cost of nothing.

    Placing orders ovrseas because the price is low does not always end up with the best deal, especially when our lives are on the line.
  10. Oh right,

    I thought it was because IAR actually license built Pumas back in the day , and may still have a line and jigs for them, and a comprehensive spares holding?

    Still, don't let the "Well where the hell else are you going to get Pumas overhauled by a certificated Puma manufacturer" argument stop the outrage and the blindingly obvious Westlandetti lobbying and scare stories doing the rounds :roll:
  11. EC ROMANIA (EUROCOPTER ROMANIA SA) is responsible for the repair and overhaul of the EUROCOPTER old range products. Like Renault who have a major interest in Dacia, the local car maker, they know that the Romanians have a very good technical reputation. You can't judge a country because of its communist past or that it is poor by our standards. Romania also operate the Puma and so have operational experience of the airframe. If we were expecting a complete novice to overhaul our Pumas I would be one of the first to board the outrage bus, this just makes common sense.
  12. Who said the Romanian bid was the cheapest?
    Who said the Romanian bid offered sub-standard work or of lesser quality?

    Ask yourself why the Military/MoD preferred the Romanian upgrade of Puma to a Westland upgrade of Sea King in the first place.

    Lots of hypotheticals mixed in with scaremongering. Do you have anything of substance to offer?
  13. Sadly if nothing else it proves how well the British defense industry has been pant's by labour, and not forgetting the conservatives before them, which is the root cause of Westland's and airframes being an issue. ( i know buy the way that PUMA is tri-national ) will any government learn that defense isn't a Profit first area.

    edited grammer spelling :oops:
  14. Yes. IAR Brasov, the Romanian company concerned, has already done Puma work for the RAF. They have a known track record.

    If you wish to furnish details of how and why they are not up to the job, or the MoD is displeased with their previous work - feel free to do so here. :)
  15. Don't you come on here spouting your common sense :D

    Move! The bus is leaving - ting ting!!!!