British jihadies in Syria?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Syria conflict: Photographer John Cantlie 'held by UK jihadists'

    Hardly surprising I suppose, but I wonder how many of these men are not disenchanted with the benefits system, healthcare and education system (if only for males) and the lack of persecution for religous beleifs...
  2. I'm sure they're very concerned about education reforms. It's just unfortunate that Gove's plans for reform don't involve installing some ****ing loony mullahs into primary schools to whip up 7 year olds into a religious fervour. Such a shame that some of our ethnic minorities don't feel that their views and values are represented in our current government's policies....

    ETA...At least if young British jihadis are busy fighting in Syria they won't be able to go and claim state benefits. Every cloud...
  3. Of course they'll claim benefits! They'll say they're on holiday or attending a funeral.
  4. I'd just like to point out, despite an enthusiasm for snicking the heads off fellow Brits, they appear to on the same side as wee Willy Hague, King Abdullah and Barry, they may well end up rotting in mass graves, so think of it as welfare for work.
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  5. Just because they're fighting Assad doesn't mean they're after the same thing and they hardly even seem to be on the same side. They couldn't give a **** about liberating Syrians. As soon as Assad falls (if he falls) it'll be a 3 way conflict between the remaining loyalists, the FSA and over time the Salafists/ AQ types/ sharia nut jobs/ muslim brotherhood.

    One thing I'd like to know is if all the recent targeting of coptic christians is being perpetrated by the FSA or an entirely different Islamist movement. Pretty worrying if that's already happening before Assad's even fallen...
  6. See Mali. There secular Tuareg rebels joined up with better equipped (thanks to money from Saudi Arabia) Salafists to fight the government. The nomadic desert-dwelling Tuareg had a serious cause due to being discriminated by the resident farmers, who were supported by the government (thought the fight goes both ways, for centuries the Tuareg have, as desert pirates, been capturing settled farmers as slaves). Now the Salafists have taken over and are, e.g. in Timbuktu, destroying ancient Sufi mosques as being "heretic".
  7. I read this article in the Times on Sunday. Sounded very scary. A real sad point that came out was the so called British jihadists attitude. Every body else was wrong. All thay were there for was to bring Sharia into Syria and this would continue the war againts the USA. When I read this these "Brits" sounded so confused about the whole reason for being there. Who ever had taught them was so far off the mark that there was no way they were in the right frame of mind. Yet the ones that showed any respect or help were the true Muslims, that followed the basic tennets of their faith. If this is the indoctrination that is going on here in Britain it is worrying.
  8. The rebel groups have apparently splintered and are probably fighting each other as well as the Assad regime - Sky had an interesting report on it a couple of days ago. I sometimes think that the Russian stand is more credible than the West believes. Whatever, civil war now appears to have broken out - how that will affect our little jihadists remains to be seen.
  9. Fair play to them, can you imagine a bunch of chavs traveling to Dover to repel them immigrants? Talk about standing up for your beliefs, the closest we got were football hooligans but these mad ******* are putting their life on the line.
  10. Good point. Same thing will happen in Syria probably (or something similar). As a result, in the eyes of the populace, the revolution is now not quite so wonderful as many originally thought it to be. While before it was to overthrow Assad and install proper governance that would bring reform, the situation now is totally different. There's no clear alternative government waiting in the wings and no clear idea what will happen after Assad's gone. Instead the poor ******* are sitting there contemplating a power vacuum in which their religious freedom will be eroded and a large Islamist movement will emerge (and seems to already be emerging) hell bent on dragging Syria back in to the dark ages.

    I bet they can't wait for 'liberation' now...
  11. Not everybody who holds a British passport is British.
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  12. The much vaunted 'Arab Spring' in Syria is nothing of the sort.

    Its a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and the Iranians.

    The bombing of the HQ in Damascus not only took out some of Assads most trusted inner circle, it's also rumoured to have killed the head of the IRGC Special Forces, and in a tit for tat, it's now suspected that someone blew up the head of the Saudi secret squirrels, Prince Bandar.

    Prince Bandar Bin Sultan: Is The Saudi Spy Chief Dead Or Alive? - International Business Times
  13. So where and when was bandar bush blown up why would Iran want to risk attacking a us ally? I'm not saying you are wrong sunno but if what you are saying is true, then surely if Saudi, USA and Israel know this, then an attack on Iran is already in the late stages of planning and early mobilization phase.

    Wonder what blo k those Saudi typhoons are?
  14. You really think King Abdullah is interested in "liberating" Syrians? He just crushed a worrying democratic rising in Bahrain with Saudi armor. In Syria he's backing the Salafists, some of whom have expressed genocidal intent. He's also running the old Iraq-Syria ratlines to drag in every bearded loon available. There's been a sharp up tick in violence against regime targets in Iraq and new senior personnel appearing in al Anbar.

    King Abdullah is our major ally in this and my guess is his gold is probably going to folk like these Brit beards via GIP. With the noises Barry has been making Langley is probably heavily involved in funding as well.

    Large parts of the Takfiri movement has been gunning for the house of Asad since Qom got leveled back in the 80s. And just as with the Jihad against the 40th army in Afghanistan they are now brave freedom fighters opposing a cruel dictator. That a lot of the same guys were once demonic monsters slaughtering people in Iraq or giving us gyp in Helmand is just an inconvenient detail in the MSM narrative.

    The FSA is closer to Qatar but is also taking the Kings's shilling and has a strong relationship with MB militias. It's Faroq brigade was implicated in expelling Christians from Homs, they used the excuse that they were, like most Christians, government supporters.

    Don't believe any of the guff about R2P and freedom, this is all about trying to shoe Qom in the nads and as is sensible we really don't care who helps us do that.
  15. .....................................Why are we worrying about Syria.

    Syrians killing other Syrians & maybe a few Iranians, Saudi's etc etc, getting involved!

    Let them get on with killing each other. I'll only get miffed when they come over here & start!

    I don't give a shit!