British & Irish Lions Games Thread.

74 -10 against the Golden Lions.

That was a great display, notably Croft, Bowe and Mears.

Every one of them played well.
Now then McGeechan, could Quinlan have done that?

Excellent performance, looks like the obvious Shaun Edwards directed beasting that occurred after the Royal Highveld XV has done its job.

The last time the Lions went UNBEATEN in South Africa was 1974 - I think.

I have compared the weights of these gladiators with the British & Irish Lions currently touring.

In 1974 the Test side weighed in at: 209 stones - 13st 13lbs average

The heaviest side that could be deployed today: 252 stone - 16st 10lbs average.

1974 Heaviest Willie-John McBride 16st 12lbs - Lightest J J Williams 11st.

2009 Heaviest Adam Jones 20st 5lbs - Lightest I don't know. Shane Williams probably. (Ospreys give his weight in 'effing' Napoleonic kilograms!!!!
Just seen them beat the shite out of the Sharks. 39 - 3. If the Lions hadn't conceded a penalty 30 - 0.

British rugger rules
:D Just seen them beat the shite out of the Sharks. 39 - 3. If the Lions hadn't conceded a penalty 39 - 0. :D

British rugger rules
My Test team (as it stands at the moment)

15. Byrne
14. Fitzpatrick
13. BOD
12. Roberts
11. Bowe
10. Jones
9. Phillips
8. Heaslip
7. Wallace
6. Croft
5. POC
4. A-WJ
3. Jones
2. Mears
1. Jenkins.

I know there are no jocks in the team, but i would place Hines as one of the subs. Shane Williams has played himself out of the tour. O'connel is lucky he is Captain as i have not been convinced thus far.

Comment if you please
I think welldai is there or thereabouts. I am not that clued up on front row, but everything else looks spot on, although I do feel Jones from Wales will feature somewhere
Bowe was outstanding, as was Monye. I think that McGeechan knows his team now.
Sheridan is pants compared to Jenkins. He played himself out of the squad today. Martyn williams was written off beefore today as well. Lets see what happens at openside. I think Kearney may be on the wing with Bowe on the other.
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Well, the inevitable dirty play that was expected on the tour arrived today. The Southern Kings were pretty handy with the low level thuggery that was always going to happen at some stage on the tour. Late hits, alleged gouging and high tackles. The Lions showed some admirable restraint and that will stand them in good stead for the first test.

The actual game was sh1te.

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