British Intelligence Officers in WW2 - Personal Files

Contact the MOD or visit their website. I think you will find that you have to be a relative of the Officer concerned though.
Go to the National Archives at Kew or try a search on:

If the matter is over 30 yo it'll be there and they have some files of the more modern KGB spies available too.

However some of the stuff is under a 100 year label and will not be seen in my lifetime.

Some is ex gratia but other stuff costs.

If it is there you'll need a pdf reader v5 and above
udirosen said:
Has anyone an idea where personal files of an officer from WW2 could be found?

Thank you in advance,

Udi :censored:
My Other Halfs Grandad was Admiral King, Chief of Staff to Adm Sir Charles Forbes, Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet 1938; Aide-de-camp to the King 1938; commanding Cruiser Sqn, Mediterranean 1940-1941; Lord Commissioner of Admiralty and Assistant Chief of Naval Staff 1941-1942; Principal Liaison Officer, Allied Navies 1943-1944; retired 1944.

We didnt need his personal file as we found it on King's College London Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives. Try there, very helpful..

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