British Injuries in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizzardtoo, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. SH1T !!

    Hope the prelim reports are wrong :(

    One casualty is too many !!
  2. 1 killed 2 injured...
  3. Looking at the pic on the Sky website the Rover was neither a Snatch nor a Wolf....
  4. It is a Snatch - one of the 'new' ones - the refurbishment being a coat of paint, aircon and scrim on the outside (for some reason!)
  5. Seen - the pic now showing is clearer.
  6. My thoughts with families and injured .It must be dreadful for the rest of the unit noone to hit back at and no knowing when the next one is coming from . just unlucky a sad day :cry:
  7. :cry: There but the grace of god go I. God bless them and their families.
  8. Looking at the CO's comments, I had the feeling this was his first OP. Tour ?

    Rest in peace Fusilier Gentle

    Condolences to Family, Colleagues and Friends.
  9. have you seen the picture in the Daily Mail, absolute disgrace, showing the young lads body lying on the floor. Pap scum have you no regard for his family??? cnuts
  10. The ability of the tabloid press to continually plumb the depths of taste and decency is disappointing but not surprising.

    Fus Gentle's family have just been on the lunchtime tv news. He was apparently not long out of training - they are questioning whether he should have been sent on ops; the Army have confirmed he was trained. One of them asked whether Bliar would get a weapon and go.

    The family's grief and anger is undertandable; I hope they will take comfort in knowing that at 19, Fus Gentle was a better man than Bliar and any of his gang could ever be.
  11. tragic loss of a young life
    more proof that the tabloids are scum (like we needed convincing)

    my thoughts are with the family
  12. The Mail photo was a disgrace and I will never read that newspaper again. There is simply no comparison between a young man who has died in the service of his nation and a man who has lied to a nation for his own ends.
  13. Regrettably no worse than the fecking BBC who showed footage yesterday of his mates trying to resuscitate him. Stomach churningly intrusive, and more characteristic of Al Jazeera than a civilised broadcaster.