British immigration test? Speak no english? No problem.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. This is nothing new. To take but a few examples from Press and other postings; Britain (and Europe) is awash with illegal immigrants, gangs, and crime. A quick Google throws up reams of this stuff.

    It may be that the immigration system is failing, and that social campaigners are setting us up for disaster.

    The scale of the problem may suggest that immigrant crime is out of control and not manageable.

    In our area, crime has risen, and you can't safely walk the streets at night. Indigenous women are abused, and courted to secure immigrants' residencies. The developers (on the make) and authorities are building accommodation for immigrants and housing them, everywhere, and fast.

    Racism is not the issue, as we've proved how tolerant Britons can be, despite rants and hysterical abuse from liberals (also part of the problem).

    So No, why the hell should we be subject to the useless and damaging elements amongst immigrants and criminal gangs flouting laws, screwing the system that feeds them.
  2. Is anyone surprised?
  3. Well, 60% of the British-born wouldn't pass the test either, as one specific testing centre found out when they did the test themselves...


  4. The Jade Dream likes to remind me that she has a higher IELTS score than I got when out of curiosity I sat a mock exam. She's a native Mandarin-speaker. :oops:

    Face facts, there's no testing regime anywhere that is 100% cheat-proof. We just need defence in depth so that cheats are found out.
  5. I'm sure that the two Chunkies on my EFP2 did that as well.