British human right record is...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 19, 2006.

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  1. the best in the World

  2. very good

  3. typical for democratic country

  4. worse than one for many EU countries

  5. bad


  2. Better than Mother Russia's. :twisted:
  3. Unless you count human rights as those of the victim to live a safe and peaceful life unmolested by scrotes then yeah, we have a pretty good record, in fact im sceptical that there are many countries that have a better record than us.
  4. People in glasshouses again, Sergey?
  5. Rant on:

    Apologies but had to bite - few bevvies in already.

    KGB, for context, a short summary of the last 50 years.

    USSR - Communist dictatorship who killed more people than Hitler. Democracy, free press, human rights,? Nil poi.

    UK - Stood up for Democracy twice last century to a greater extent than any other nation, ever. Century before, very busy abolishing slavery.

    Europe - Fascism, Communism, Genocide, good food, good cars, bad hygiene.

    If the UK is such a repressive and shocking country why do so many flock to our shores? We can be knocked for many things but not our record of offering refuge to those who most 'sensible' countries would deep six..

    Let's be serious KGB, the UK may not have signed up to every piece of legislation floating around but we treat immigrants better than most.
  6. Just what is the matter with you people?
    OK, Sergey is an Ivan, but he's more than once proved the point that he's ready and willing to debate about his country's more than questionable history.
    It's not helpful to quirk on about the wonders of British history while ignoring the brutality it contains.
    Take Sergey up on the matter at hand, instead of invoking the old kindergarten "but you did that, so how can you criticise us" burlix, It's tiresome.
    Address the issue at hand!

  7. What issue? Sergey has not actually said anything, he has just put a poll up and sat back to watch fireworks!

    A bit later he will add an inflammatory remark, a bit later still he will change sides...Yawn.
  8. Hear hear!

    Far too often the human rights of victims of crime/abuse are being totally ignored to pander to the human rights of criminals and scrotes.

    IMHO it's about time the streets were taken back by decent people, but the police are for the most part shackled by burocracy, undermanning, the fear of voilating someone's "human rights" whilst they're vandalising propety or persons and just plain wasting of resources, the answer? Let's get some "wardens"!! ffs c'mon.

    See what the zero tolerence approach did for New York?

    Sorry - derailed a bit.
  9. [/quote]
    Actually, these are the issues!!! (my bold). Depending on what sort of gobment we're talking about, you could argue as to whether these are "important" issues or not. However, this is the British gobment, remember?

  10. Situation with human rights in Russia? Bad.

    What did I expect from EU's report about the UK? Situation is good with some insignificant irregularities. So the real estimate surprised me and I'm sure the majority there were surprised too.
  11. At the end of the day I think Sergey, has had the question answered by Strait_Jacket.
    If our human rights are questionable why do we have all these asylum seekers, with some of them going through 8 Democratic countries to get here?
  12. Just because we don't sign up to every policy going, doesn't make us bad. I believe action speaks louder than words and our record isn't bad in comparison to most. One of the smaller countries in the world, yet willing to go and assist much bigger countries getting back on the right track. Our only downfall at the moment is our government, but then noone is perfect!
  13. Well said!

    As for me then I use only two marks: bad and the best. As for lecturing (on human rights) then it is indeed senseless business.