British Hostages May Be Held in Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Sounds like a job for the SAS.

  2. I agree with it. I don't see reasons why would Iranian authorities secretly keep captured Britons in Iran. What are possible benefits for Iran? Nope. So applying common sense it would be logical to conclude that they are only rumours forged in ... where exactly they has been forged? Who would benefit from the rumours?
  3. If they are held in Iran they are safer than if they are held in Iraq.
  4. It is true. And they would be even more safer in Lubyanka undegrounds in Moscow. But does it mean that Russia secretly keeps the Britons?

    I repeat my main point. I don't see any benefits for Iran. Maybe the Iranians are fanatics but I doubt that they are idiots.
  5. The word on the street in Baghdad from our terps are they are just over the border in Iran somewhere.

    Lets not forget the huge mission that was carried out to extract them. That took some planning and to be blunt the Mehdi thugs couldn't have done it without some significant intelligent assistance - ala Iranian Intelligence Service.

    Makes sense to use the poor victims as political puppets while they can and reap what benefits they can from embarrasing the UK Government with whatever means.
  6. That dossier is getting thicker.
  7. It's raining today....
    Did Iran do that too? :roll:
  8. I thinks its just another excuse to have a cinflict with Iran IMHO.
  9. Dunno, they did in the past, didn't they KGB, old boy?
  10. The rumour mongers (or politicians as we know them)will be saying there being held at the WMD site just over the border in Iran. :roll:

    Lets go lads.