British history as a source of unit names and ethos

Friday, holidays hoving into view, time for idle speculation :D I know we can't fill the units we have, but just for the sake of argument....

The Royal Marines were arguably reinvigorated when they inherited the Commando title from the war time army commandos. The Norwegians have their Telemark battalion. If you had a free choice to pick some part of British history to create a new elite infantry unit(s), non-geographically recruited, what would you pick?

Regulars - It's always hacked me off that we are a constitutional monarchy but our parliamentary heritage isn't recognised anywhere. Servicemen swear an oath "..officers and generals set over me according to law" (ie parliament). How about a "New Model Regiment", with Cromwell, Fairfax and Rainsborough battalions. Morally upright, culture of not hitting the p*ss, commited to constant improvement, self-discipline and whatever works. Call a fellow parliamentarian a roundhead and get jailed :)

TA - How about a "Feard" regiment, named after the fighting farmers who took on and defeated Harald Hardrada and then marched the length of the country and took on the Normans. Okay, they didn't win the second fight, but what an effort.

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