British hero murdered by Christian fanatics.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Nov 9, 2005.

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    The Lord's Resistance army are a despicable bunch. 12,000 dead, 20,000 children kidnapped, forced into slavery and sexual abuse - all 'justified' by the Bible.
  2. What version of the bible justifies murder and robbery? Fcukin nut jobs plague all walks of life and hide behind a twisted doctrination of "religon".
  3. Well I think the Ugandan Army, maybe with the help of the British Army (if we have anyone spare??) should find them and allow them to be judged by their maker. It would act as a little parabel for anyone else in the country who wanted to hide their criminal activities behind their religion.

    The trouble is when people get the freedom to do what whatever they want, they just go and do whatever they want!
  4. Thankfully the Lord's Resistance Army are merely a cult like minority within Christianity. They are in no way representative of a majority or of even a significant minority of Christians.

  5. so will we now see all the f*cking liberals cry out how violence by a drugged up fanatic is not a true reflection of a peaceful religion!

    will we b*ggery!
  6. Are these guys the same ones who rafted down the Amazon?
  7. So you get advice not to go somewhere and you still go?

    I would not by any stretch of the imagination say he 'deserved it' but he (the group?) clearly need to take a substantial degree of responsibility for what's happened.

    Sympathies to his wife and nipper.
  8. sorry the LRA
    should be used as target practice
    next years live firing practice uganda?
    one bunch of muderous thugs that could be dealt with very quickly
  9. A devil by any other name...
    Apologies to the bard..