British helicopter engineers overcome the heat in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 18, 2012.

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  2. Beggars belief that this gets put out as News! Who knew engines are hot?
  3. Breaking news.

    It is hot in Afghanistan.
    Thank you RAF PR I didnt know that, I was just about to pack all my Arctic kit but I will put it away now.
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  4. One of the ways they deal with the heat is to drink water !! Makes you fair proud what ingenious solutions we can think up in times of conflict
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  5. This has got to be an ageing civil servant or air officer pumping all this shiote out, desperately trying to give themselves something 'useful' to do.

    Do they realise that the PR machine is shooting itself in the foot.....I am actually embarrassed to be affiliated in any way with the RAF
  6. Tune in next week for the thrilling story of a chef who doesn't stick his leg in the oven because it gets quite warm in there.

    Whoever writes this drivel should have been the first in the queue for redundancy. Then beaten to death in the street in front of their family for being a ****.
  7. From the article
    " If anyone looks like they're struggling you take them off the job immediately and take them to cool down."

    Presumably, they are taken to an air conditioned environment to cool down? If so do they not realise what a set of cocks they look in the eyes of the people who are actually out and about who have no access to that facility, are carrying much larger loads and are physically much more active.

    They really need to wean themselves off the need to be appearing in the press.
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The very fact that they seem so keen to try and tell everyone that they are doing everyday, routine work baffles me. If doing your job is newsworthy that would seem to indicate that it is out of the ordinary and deserves mentioning.

    The inferred meaning is that doing routine work capably is not within the norms of RAF life... You don't have to be a member of some made up pseudo-academic body with letters after your name like FRAeS to work that one out!
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  9. They need a certain BSM to help them out...


    Come on Sun, do your worst!

    Can't find a clip.
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  10. Can't we ban MOD RSS feeds????
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  11. I'll second that.

  12. "…I normally have two guys working for me and I am therefore responsible for ensuring they take on water and do not stay in the sun too long …"

    I am assured the rumours that RAF working rig consists of speedos, flip flops and sunglasses are completely false.
  13. Is it?

    That'll explain why my mate seemed less than pleased with the rather fetching wool hat and mittens I sent him instead of the shampoo and batteries that I'd promised.
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  14. Surely each one of these helicopters comes equipped with a big **** off fan on the top.

    Why don't they just turn it on?

    Not very bright these RAF types are they?
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