Builds British Heavy Tank Conqueror Mk2, 1/35th scale Black Label.

box art.png

soon be starting this beast, I've ordered glass for the Fletcher class Destroyer, the Tyrrell 6 wheel F1 Car, the 1/48th Tamiya Storch, and the German abandoned Locomotive. The T62 is still to be finished off with a base and weathering and the SU152 just needs a Berlin rubble diorama base.
So, delays aside, lets take a look in the box.
box lid off.png

Two piece tracks, less hassle than individual links, and I'll be able to roughly weather them without the links constantly coming apart, they're mainly hidden behind the side armour.
tracks and running geasr sprues.png

as with the two Black label kits I've made to date, the MBT70 and the Saladin, the suspension is super complex, with a high parts count, if the other two are anything to go by, the suspension construction needs strict adherence to the instructions, or risk a FUBAR.
tracks and running gear sprues.png

The gun is a seriously big bit of kit, as it's so prominent a part of the model I've invested in and aftermarket metal one, I did this on the MTB70 and there was no comparison wih the basic kit one, the metal barrels have the lands and grooves cast into the muzzle crown and just look the "Box Delux"
aber gun.jpg
Just like the box art, I plan to display this passing a VW Beetle and the tracks scraping the curb on the other side of the road. As the gun runs so far out in front there would be an empty space under the gun in the glass case, so the beetle will fill this space. at 14 feet long, the beetle would be as long as the overhanging barrel.
vw Beetle box art.jpg

I've made slight omissions to make this an early Wolfsburg car without the German army additions.
masks a.jpg
I'll build this with as much information to help anyone following up with building this kit. My only link to the Conquerer, shooting at one on the anti tank range with a 84mm Charlie G, it was so big I could hardly miss.

first step, made up the gun barrel for a later comparison shot of it with the Aber.
kit gun barrel assembly.png

the track test, just to see if it's flexible enough to go around the sprocket. Plenty of detail too. I'll be looking forward to doing paint effects on those without worrying about the links separating.
track around sprocket early test. bpng.png

starting on the first bogie, first four parts.
first bogie A.png
C 36 to part C34, the instructions are not clear about the exact position they join. Theres a two and a single hole, but the stud is single so the two must be bolt holes to retain the rubber bump stop on the real tank.
first bogie B.png

nice fit, no click, and you have to hold them square till it's set.
first bogie c.png

the other side has a different shaped fitting so there's no chance of mixing them up, but the outer bogie frames need to go on front and back with the spring orientated correctly. 7 more to do.
first bogie e.png
laying out the parts for the bogies, once one bogie is made, you learn all the pitfalls and can go full steam ahead with a mass build.
laying out bogie parts.png

stacking up the sub assemblies,
parts layout b.png
I'm doing some rough sketches to work out where everything goes inside the hull in relation to what can be seen from the open commanders hatch. The mullens auto ejection lift and the breech in relation to the commanders cage. all will have to be scratch built as the inside of the kit is an empty shell.
rough scetches.png

I'll take measurements from the kit lower hull to make the engine bulkhead and build the interior up from the floor. The shell lift goes down below the level of the commanders pedestal.
empty lower hull.png

the upper hull will also give me the locations of the bulkheads and false floor. It's complex in there.
using the upper hull for measurements.png
I don’t know if you are aware of the website, they sell copies of UHB for various AFV the Conqueror is one they have availabl, I have a downloaded copy on my iPad but am not sure how to link to it or if I am permitted to do so.

the turret floor in it's test position, a lot more building to go in there.
view down turret.png

the breech block is massive, but missing in this kit, so I'm producing one out of plasticard.
making the breech.png
I took some photographs of the exhibit at The Tank Museum in Dorset today, I have to bear in mind the tank at Bovington is a mk1 and the kit is a Mk2, so detail differences may apply between them. I'll post them up as the build goes on for interest and comparison.
Conqueror dpng.png
The Aber gun needs assembling early so I can do a comparison shot before I cut up the kit barrel for use inside the turret
new gun e.png

it makes up into a nice piece, but I've placed the muzzle end on back to front.
new gun d.png

new gun b.png

here's how it should look.
muzzle switched b.png

looking down through the loaders hatch for a check, with nothing bonded down yet. Loads more work to do in there.
view down loaders hatch so far.jpg
Be careful with those DS tracks, they have a habit of crumbling into dust after painting. Do not use enamel based paints as this speeds up the process of disintegration.

Personally I would lob them in the bin and get some AM tracks just for piece of mind.
oh, First I've heard of this dramatic news, the tracks on my MBT70 by dragon are of the same material and haven't suffered degradation, but as you suggest use acrylics instead of Enamels as I do for tracks, thanks for the heads up, see how I get on with the kit track.

Adding some cables around the turret as per California tankers video of the inside, he's standing in front of it when he's describing functions in the gunners seat. But there's enough for what I need.
length of loom.jpg
Here you go a few links on the DS issue. There are more posts on other forums
so I just wanted to point it out, I had a PZIV i bought a few years ago and the tracks had crumbled in the packaging.

Thanks for taking the time to share those, I'll monitor the tracks.

in the meantime I'm holding the turret basket supports to the turret ring till they harden in place.
attaching the turret basket to turret ring a.png

the bulkhead here will have pe shell bases in neat rows.
shell storage cabinet forward.png

that same bulkhead side on, a sectioned Centurion.
centurion internal compartment.png
The main electrical junction box has been cut in the sectioned Centurion.
centurion interior under gun.png

on the other side, the drivers compartment, no chance of getting backward out of there if the tank is on fire and the gun jambs the drivers overhead hatch.
centurion internal drivers compartment.png

bit of a nightmare scenario
centurion internal drivers compartment b.png

centurion internal drivers compartment c.png

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