British grandmother facing firing squad for drugs offence in Bali

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thai_exile, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Have they shot the Aussie gang who were arrested with the help of the Aussie federalies?
  2. Having been through Denpassar airport on a number of occasions, anyone who looks at all the posters on the walls that all state that the penalty for drug smuggling is death are fools I tell you, fools!

    The times that I have been through there, all the Indonesian Customs officers seem to be missing and there are no random checks or searches on passengers arriving. This suggests to me that most 'stop and searches' are intel led and designed to muddy the waters so Mr Big can get through with a kilo of brown up his hoop.
  3. Not yet but we can only hope.
  4. I think they are still on Death Row.
  5. It wouldn't read that because it's a daily rag that wants to make grabbing sensationalist headlines that sells papers.

    As for the "grandmother"....oh dear, how sad, never mind, I think I will have a glass of orange juice.
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  6. Would you take a stuffed toy through for me next time you are going, my in law will be outside the airport waiting, it's a pressie for my niece.
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  7. Not really what you'd call a GILF, then; they ought to shoot her for ugliness.
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  8. Imagine the job satisfaction of being an executioner. Id do it for free on a fly in fly out basis. I wonder when the voice in your head stops saying the words "hasta la vista baby" before you squeeze.

    After work drinks embellishing the shot, collusion as to which body part you aim for, jokes on your muckers like hiding a tracer in the mag..
  9. On arrival at Denpasar I got taken out the line and was held in an office for about 20 minutes, apparently they couldn't read my passport. Not a very pleasant experience. They didn't find the drugs though :)
  10. "You are hereby charged with drug smuggling, and having a face like a campaign poster for diabetic Vogons."

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  11. Now, I don't know an awful lot about countries like Indonesia, Malaysia et al, however, I know they'll bounce you harder than you ever could imagine if they so much as find a crushed up paracetamol on you (okay, hyperbole there). Five kilos of Colombia's finest leaves you in no doubt what will happen if you get caught.

    So, no I don't really care what happens to her.
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  12. So what is going to be the story?

    A fit up by the local cops? She didn't know they were there? Only carrying the suitcase as a favour for a bloke she met in a night club?

    Or will they go for blaming each other and denying all knowledge?

    Took the risk, wanted the rewards, so no sympathy. Tough shit.
  13. No doubt very sorry........ that she got caught.

    The media love this stuff - so much so it has to be a mystery why they don't go for the idea of capital punishment in a few of our western countries.
    Blow x-factor & big-brother out of the water ratings wise.
  14. No sympathy whatsoever. My only wish is that we could have a similar punishment for this crime in the UK.
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