British Government sellsthe Rumanians a pup ?


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The RN trained Romanian crews to man the two Type 22 frigates sold to that country, namely HMS London and HMS Coventry, now renamed RNS Regina Maria
and RNS Regele Ferdinand respectively.

The following photographs were taken in Pompey in the autumn of 2004.
Have the govt found a way of getting rid of gash kit at the same time, or were these poor matelots just lumbered with them for the duration of their trg so that they would
better appreciate their issued wpns ?

It seems that the bullpup design has caught the eye of some politico there though, as it looks like they will be geting the Tavor.

The Romanian navy does have some good kit though...
Perhaps the reason why the guys at the left of the pic don't seem to be able to stand up straight then! He's got that 'a cocked leg will hide my boner' sort of posture.
I bet the bloke trailing behind the civvy in pic 2 wishes that someone had read the rule about no-one over a size 6 should ever wear white trousers & who are the gaggle of really smart looking geezers on the left of the last pic?
DozyBint said:
& who are the gaggle of really smart looking geezers on the left of the last pic?
Gota be officers, no question about it, all Ocdts I know aspire to reach that level of perfection in drill one day and practice very hard.


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Greyman said:
So I supose we sold them the SA80 A1 as well then?
I think they may just be rifles issued for the parade.

Notice there are no foresights on them, Jack with a rifle is dangerous enough without having something to help him point it at people.

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