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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by karadjordje, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Again British army entered the sovereign country and now will direct it' s will on it. How many times must Serbia see such an interaction into her matters?

    Tragedy for the people of Kosovo by which for such things made possible to happen. It must be obvious to any that Serbia was not treated correctly. NATO she attacked Serbia for defending the territorial integrity her people in Croatia and expelled ancient Serbian communities from Slavonia and Krajina but from the other side it applies dual- standard when situation it will be inverted into Kosovo.

    Joke: If Montenegrin does make its brandy from the grass and Slovene it does make its brandy from the raisin, then what does Turk make his brandy from? The blood of the Drina!
  2. I'll have a pint of what he's having barman....
  3. Fcuk me, is that even in English :? :? :?
  4. Lets hold a referendum in Kosovo,

    'do you want the Serbs back in charge?'

    What do you think the outcome would be?

    ...waits for RCT(V) to rush to the aid of 'misunderstood' Serbia
  5. heidtheba!

    You prefer perhaps this message in Serb language? English not sole language of this world. Realise this, imperialist!
  6. Stick around for a while. You are going to be very welcome.

    Arkan ?

    How is that hole in the side of that murdering shitheads skull?
  7. I would actually prefer you not to post such drivil, but if you must, post it Serb so we can't read it.

    Imperialist? Fcuk off I'm Scottish :wink:
  8. Kosovo is the Serbian country to the centuries. Albanians only became majority there recently. But what is the situation to do with Britain? Again you send to your soldiers in order to protect Islamic terrorism, also, to oppresse people of Serbia. Imperialists!

    Joke: Where does the British soldier he keep his rifle? Underneath his shovel!!
  9. Oh I like this chap already!!!!!

    Will he be taking over from that Argentine bloke who said that the Arc Royal was rebuilt in Stanley?
  10. If I knew that I would not of talked to you. :wink:

    Hope things are good.

    4 weeks to push and then into the big wide world.

  11. I'm already at home thanks
  12. Serbian humour?
  13. Our will is that you learn to live in peace with your neighbours.
    Remember Srebrenica? 8,000 mothers and wives do.
  14. Yep, lets never forget all the mass graves of the Muslim “untermench” created in the name of the republic of Serbska

    Srebrenicia spring to mind anyone