British gladiators are a cut above

Just read this on the torygraph website and it moved me. Sums up what i think about the british and their fighting spirit.

Am i right or am i just a sentimental shirt lifter? 8O

So much of our national identity is bound up with aggression and defiance that it was tempting to regard Ricky Hatton's epic victory over Kostya Tszyu as a Churchillian act - the British psyche gloved-up. Hatton calls the really violent fights ''gruellers'': a modification of gruelling, which is how many of our top sportsmen and women like it.

This column is not about to burst into We'll Meet Again or drape itself in bunting, even if a recent visit to a 60th anniversary VE day celebration in Sussex brought the subject of British valour and bloody-mindedness back to the mind's surface. No sentient person can watch a Spitfire peel over the South Downs without wondering whether this country's refusal to yield to Nazi Germany was indicative of some stubborn inner force.

When Sir Bob Geldof urged British sailors on Monday to ''recreate Dunkirk'' and ferry French anti-poverty demonstrators across the Channel, he was delving into the familiar word-sack of Second World War heroism. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It merely confirms that we view ourselves as a race who respond to adversity and provocation. This may be why many of our greatest sporting triumphs involve some intrepid soul flashing the V-sign at bookmakers' odds.

Not that "Sir" Bob is British, of course. And free-associating, this makes me wonder again what would be the result of a recreation of the famous pre-war Oxford (?) debate on whether the House would go to war in defence of the country.
"sentimental shirt lifter"
On arsse ! Disgusting, unless ya a moderator or masticator or whatever the're called.
Then its permitted.

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