British girl wins Miss Teen World

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hat20, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Nice to see!
    'Amy Jackson, 16, was crowned in Houston, Texas on Saturday.
    She has now returned home to Knowsley, Liverpool to celebrate with friends and family.'
    She said: "I really thought I had not made the final five, but then I went on to take the title. I was completely shocked and so happy."
    And for the more discerning arrser more info here..
    Link to firm bodied swimsuited........... :p :p :p :p :p :p
  2. Ok where are the good looking ones
    I see better looking teenagers everyday
  3. F*cking dirty gash talent contest. I'd actually say no to her.

    F*cking munter.
  4. lier
  5. Are they trannys? They certainly dont look 16 or originally female.
  6. ok ok. I'd have the far left one and the second from right :(

    *turns away in shame*
  7. Too right. A simple google search can turn up far hotter (mostly Eastern European) teenagers, and in the nude. :wink:
  8. It say's that there was a "special Prize"

    More like special needs.....................
  9. I clicked the link and noticed some bird who was voted 'most popular girl in the world'. How do they work that out then? Does she have more friends on Facebook than the others or something?
  10. Around these parts there are local show days where they have a dog show for kids with their pets, they have prizes for waggiest tail and sparkliest eyes. This is just like that, so it is...
    You have to laugh because the blonde with the big tits is Miss Intelligence, or is that misintelligence? Is that a word? Here she is:


    I am thinking of entering the "Mr Handsome Worldwide" competition though, there's bound to be a "speshul section" for slightly ugly fat blerks... :D

    I wonder if there's a waggiest tail competition. :twisted:
  11. mr glitter is looking to judge the pre-teen competition
  12. Fuck me even Legs would look more convincing as a female than that lot of trouts although if they asked I'd have a sniff of their gusset
  13. Even in my old age (cough cough wheez!) I can do better.

    Me thinks it all boils down to who can polish the biggest knob. Or flick the best bean.

    Oh! To be a judge in one of these meaningless contests!
  14. jarrod248,

    Sore loser, aren't we? Better luck next year. Just remember to shave.
  15. Bad spellers of the world: Untie!!