British general reports on Afghanistan progress

Ministry of Defence said:
Lieutenant General Adrian Bradshaw, having recently completed his 12-month tour in Kabul as the Deputy Commander ISAF and UK National Component Commander, gave a briefing to media in the MOD's Main Building yesterday, 17 October.


What bollocks!

What bollocks!
The shortest precis I have ever read. I suspected as much. No need for me to read the original full length article.

Thank you

Actually....I think the picture accompanying the article deserves a better caption. Suggestions?

Paragraph 1 "The General began by saying that it might come as a surprise, given that some of the media commentary on the Afghan campaign had not been one of unmitigated success, that his message was essentially one of good news."

Paragraph 2 "The General continued his report by stating the obvious health benefits of asbestos inhalation and that bareback riding Kenyan prostitutes was a risk worth taking"

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