British gay rights campaigner arrested in Moscow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 27, 2007.

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    What do you think about it?
  2. Go on - I bet you all defend this now wont you

  3. Sergey, you can keep the mincing dung trumpet. We don't want him back.
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  4. You are a complete tool arent you ADDENUF and after 12 posts looking an odds on favourite to get an o2 badge after your other posts today. Are you unsure of your sexuality or something.

    I see one half of Right said Fred got a kicking aswell. :D
  5. I think he could be f*cked!!!!! :D

    ...course if he gets back..alive..we won't hear the end of his "ordeal". :roll:
  6. Made me laugh how he got punched and stood around yelling for someone to protect him, fecking mincer.
  7. I watched it on the news and chuckled a tad when T got himself smacked in the grid :twisted:
  8. :? Tachell or addenuf?
  9. How about you? Would you bum that Legs he/she creature? Would you prefer to have a go before it got it's nob lopped off?
  10. Nice to see something good on the news for a change , good punch
  11. That bloke out of Right said Fred got a good twating his eye was bleeding.
  12. No Im a happily married man with three wonderful kids who is happy with his sexuality and wouldnt want to go with another man or woman. I also respect other peoples lives and if somebody wants to do something to themselves its up to them until it is going to do something harmful to me or my family. Has Legs done anything to harm you, if so you can have a go. Addenuf has come on here today and give detremental comments about all of the ARRSERS like the comment above.
  13. There's freedom of speech, and there's taking the p1ss, please keep him Sergey. How about Blair as double or quits?

    Its alright everybody if we lose we still wont allow him back, bit like the Russian's wont allow a suspect to be sent to UK for questioning. :twisted:
  14. Now now, stay on message people.