British Gas Workers Vote In Favour Of Strike

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dangerousdave, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. This is getting like the 1970's now... piss taking cnuts :x

    British Gas workers have voted in favour of strikes over claims of "macho management" at the company, the GMB union has announced.

    The union said 82% of those who voted backed walkouts - a result it branded "an appalling indictment of the management culture".

    Workers were also asked whether they would support industrial action short of a strike, with 90% registering a 'yes' vote.

    More than 61% of the 8,000 workers balloted turned out for the vote.

    The union has given British Gas a week to respond before deciding its next move.

    GMB national secretary Gary Smith said: "There is a bullying management culture which has developed under the current leadership in British Gas and our people are absolutely sick to the back teeth of it.

    "They don't want to be under pressure to be sales persons, they don't want to be forced to sell products and energy.

    "They want to focus on the core business, which is about maintaining people's gas appliances and ensuring they work safely."

    British Gas said it was disappointed by the ballot result and blasted the union over what it called "false accusations and scaremongering".
  2. No odds.
    Will save some of us a fortune. The 30% price hike in gas last year means I switched the central heating off months ago. I'll get by with the old Trangia in the garage for cooking if needs be.
    Fook em.
  3. This made me laugh....

    "They don't want to be under pressure to be sales persons, they don't want to be forced to sell products and energy"

    Erm... what the fook are customer service advisors meant to do? Banks etc have their staff upsell on products. Why is BG now special from what most service businesses require of their staff? :? :x
  4. Admit it, it's you who's rustling up all this discontent! :twisted:

    With regards to your bit about the banks selling stuff, I had a job where I had to do measured surveys of Natwest banks in the south of England in the late 90s. The selling directives were very 'hard sell' on the staff. There were staff league tables on the wall, with names and sales data, with the unwritten asumption, that if you didn't achieve a certain amount each week you were out on your ear. They even had posters on the back of the doors of the traps, stating 'Don't Just Sit There! - Sell!!!' I wouldn't have wanted to work for them, not a nice atmosphere!
  5. Simple answer to striking retards.... don't do the fooking job if you don't like it. Plenty of others who will! :evil:
  6. I have to admit that I have a (very) little sympathy for them. I get really fed up with "upselling" (is that the technical term?). I go to the local car wash, "Can I have a number 3 was please" says I. "Would you like a number 4 wash"? says she. If I wanted a number 4, perhaps I would have asked for one?
    Similarly, if a fitter is employed to fix central heating boilers etc, I don't want him trying to sell me something. Just fix the f*****g boiler, please.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I have noticed rather peurile attempts to sell unwanted (by me) products at the till in WH Smith, and Marks & Spencer recently. It just puts my back up.

    However back on thread - I don't understand why, but the Unions seems to be working flat out to lose Gordon Ceaucescu the election. I suppose they think he's a soft touch and will in some way fix them an inflated pay rise, even though the State is not directly the employer any more (thank goodness).
  8. The 'Customer Service Centres' were set up when national companies like BT, BG etc, closed all their shops 'on cost grounds' - places you could go to and pay your bill and sort out problems, speak to a person face to face and then sort out your problems. Then 'on cost grounds' most of it was outsourced all over the world. Then 'on cost grounds' people have to sell sell sell rather than deal with your problems. 'On cost grounds' anyone who doesn't flog useless crap that you don't want, gets the sack.

    Same as banks: 'on cost grounds' they introduce cash machines to save on bank staff. Then 'on cost grounds' they make you phone offices all over the place instead of dealing with your branch. Then they try to charge for using a cash machine that itself was a money-saving measure.

    And all the time their shareholders seem to do very well, whilst their workers are inder constant threat of dismissal.

    It's no good to say they shouldn't take the job, all employers are greedy and intimidatory nowadays. It drives me up the wall to have pointless selling constantly and I sympathise with the workers compelled to do it, especially as it's a tool of intimidation against them.
  9. I think we all know greedy those running banks are.
  10. The point here isn't if they like upselling or not... it's part of their job in their terms and conditions of contract and detailed within their job description. If they don't like that, then don't sign the employment contract. If you work in Mc D's, you know you're gonna be told to ask the customer if they want to go large, or want an apple pie with their order. Businesses don't run on air, and custom doesn't come and fall on your lap. They have to promote and market their services to gain profit.

    Don't feel like doing that, then people should fook off somewhere else to work. Society todays seems to make some people think we owe them a living, rather than EARN a living! :evil:
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Pay is determined on simple economic grounds. It is what is necessary to attract and keep a required skill. Nobody has any 'moral' right to be paid more than his employer thinks he is worth. The sanction on the employer, ultimately, is bankruptcy. The trick is to develop a high-value skill that somebody else actually wants. If the job package has elements the employee doesn't like, it was his decision to seek out and accept the job. From the employer's point of view there may be plenty more fish in the sea.
  12. How do you know? Have you read them?

    Where does the word 'salesman' appear in 'gas fitter'?
  13. i know because i worked for BG in customer services for about 8 months when i was 25 in Leeds part time smart arrrse :p
  14. That's not an answer to any of the questions I asked.

    Have you read the terms and conditions of those voting to strike? This does not include your terms and conditions from 1947.
  15. I know somebody who works for BG and he has for some time been telling me that something has gone badly wrong with the way the company is being run, the main problem being a big, dumb "performance management" process being landed on people who do not meet wholly unrealistic targets set my a really ugly management.

    If you look at the sh1t way they treat their customers, not really a big leap to doing same to employees.

    Now I have no Union sympathies at all but the simple fact is that to get that level of response to any strike or industrial action ballot in any organisation you really have to have fcuked your workforce off bigtime.