British Gas - Making it up as they go

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mikal, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. I am ticked.

    I have one of those Home Care contracts with British Gas. The catch is - they can cancel appointments whenever they like regardless of the financial impact to me which they are warned about. Twice now they have cancelled in two months and the key reason? Home owners too bone idle to make sure their boiler is working properly for when they actually need the boiler working in cold weather. Well diddums - their negligence (boiler owners, that is), their problem. Bone idleness or whatever should not be a key reason for British Gas to cancel appointments with those customers paying for maintenance working in advance.

    I normally work a lot of hours and to take time off usually incurs a fincial loss. They've been told this time and again. British Gas won't evven compensate for such loss although I understand that under contract law where the company is warned of said loss I should be able to claim the loss off them. There is no contractual frustration here on their side, they just don't have the engineers by their own admission.

    Does anyone else get messed around like this or do I have some sort of bull's eye for cancellations?

  2. Don't think BG has any of its own engineers.. they made them all redundant years and employ sub contractors in livered vans.. oh I mite b wrong..
  3. Get another engineer to do the job,then send the invoice to British Gas?
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  4. Check with the boiler manufacturers..... they often have their own service network, usually cheaper than those bandits.
  5. Playing the devil's advocate here, you want your boiler maintained during the cold weather period, which is when BG is more likely to get emergency call outs. Why not go for the warmer weather times. Also do BG actually say their bods are out on emergency call outs, or are they double booked for other routine jobs, and giving you the bum's rush?

    Having waited for two days for them to connect up our first flat, I do sympathise.
  6. just hope and pray they don't sub the job out to G4S, i was out on a utility warrant (bear in mind these are pre-booked with all agencies involved months ahead) i had to actually double check with the engineer when he arrived over 2 hours late from the scheduled start time that G4S now actually have utility engineers
  7. I agree with vvaannmmaann. Get a better engineer to service your boiler, and invoice them.

    We were building a training room for a couple of weeks at one of their call centres.
    It was right next to the complaints section and overhearing some of the conversations was incredible. It was a 50/50 split between helping the customer and not helping at all.

    As a footnote, most of the females in there would be good at squashing, if that's your thing.
  8. What was it like working in India?
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  9. Being Polish obviously I'm a plumber/gas type technician (engineer is degree qualified) anyway I digress, my agency constantly ring me up to sub me to british gas, the targets they give are impossible, I live rural (mileage between jobs,travel time) time allocated for the job gives no leeway, and if anything goes wrong they wash their hands (your a subbie) it's your neck(manslaughter) on the line..when the next wave of Romanian 'gas engineers' hit your local area have fun..:)
  10. I have Homecare with British Gas and have to say I have (touch wood) not had any problems. Recently had no hot water but boiler (which is what I have covered seemed fine). THought what the hell give them a call. Engineer out within 2 hours and fixed the problem in approximately 90 minutes. It was an air blockage (my technical knowlege is zero) into my cylinder (apparently it is some complicated pressurised thing). He even showed me what to check to make sure it doesn't happen again. On the routine maintenance front I did try booking my annual service in august but was told my last one was only 8 months previous so I would have to wait until Jan/Feb 2013. When I had similar cover with EON they left me with not hot water / heating for 4 days during some of the coldest winter days. During that time they promised me attendance on 5 occasions and let me down untilthe fifth one. Even then the engineer said I was lucky because like all their engineers he was a subbie and having worked 16 hours that day and my job being approx 20 miles form his last one he nearly refused it. My understanding from what he said was that it was very common for them to book appointments without knowing what engineers they would have available on any particular day.
  11. Really utillity Co's are ripping punters off average boiler insurance is about £150 +/- anually, even a major fault won't cost this much to repair. IMHO save your money cos if u do have have problem BG/EON may take a couple of days to sort out.
    Contact a local GAS SAFE engineer cos you will find them alot cheaper ( cos they won't hype your bill by replacing un-necessary parts) and probably get a faster a response. You can always check their Gas Safe credentials online if in dought, all you need is their GS registration number when you ask for a quote, IMHO and web reviews keep away from RATED PEOPLE.COM.

  12. The winter dates were not my choice. Originally the contract renewal date, August, meant this work should be possible as you say in warmer times. However the advance booking system is usually full on line and BG has cancelled so often over the years that for a 12 months service there has been significant creep which has prevented moving back with their system.

    I know how the support system operates. I used to be employed by Scottish and Southern Energy in a senior role but SSE seem to have a better safety net when it comes to cancellations than BG.

    On the positive side, credit where it's due, when the boiler was originally fitted some moons ago by an independent it took BG to resolve a problem the fitter sloped on and at a quarter of the price.
  13. The last time I had a BG Homecare visit it was to replace a faulty expansion vessel + pressure relief valve & then I had to tell the fitter what the problem was.

    Obviously during his visit the question was asked by him 'how old is your boiler'? When I said it was ten years old he noisily sucked in air through his teeth & said you can't get the parts anymore & should buy a new one. 'Bollocks' I said & opened the door to my workshop & pointed to two exact same boilers stored in a corner. 'Plenty of spare parts there'.
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  14. Dontenn. The number of plumbers who have been booked in recent years who have failed to turn up is in double figures. The cost in time and money due to no shows is why I changed to BG for the boiler. Sadly BG seems to be just as bad nowadays.

    All the trades in this part of Sussex charge the earth hand do what they like. I'm used to far, far better (Cumbria). This is why I went down the Homecare route. More fool me.
  15. This is a nasty tactic which for most good brands of boiler is complete horlicks. My response is "plenty of parts available at the local suppliers". Shuts them up nicely.

    It's like their pressure to sell you a CO monitor. Is their maintenance work so bad we need one? If they're that worried about engineers not doing a sound piece of work, they should provide the thing for free.
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