British Gas - complete crap.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, May 3, 2007.

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  1. British Gas? Bastard Gas more like. This is the email complaint i have just sent to their website. Unfortunately they are experiencing a high volume of emails at the moment, but they hope to reply within 7 days!!!!!

  2. EDF- utter, total, unmitigated crap. Having paid thru' the nose for their p*xy supplies all winter, they are still arrogant and greedy enough, to refuse to drop their prices, until someone virtually twists their arms off and beats them with the soggy ends.

    Anyone forced to use cards and meters (pay as you go) such as the ill, elderly or otherwise puked on second classers, have to pay through the nose, far and above the rate for direct debits.

    Britain?, greedy barsteward culture
    Government and Regulators: Useless t*ssers

    Ah, that's better. :)
  3. That's odd.

    I called the man at BG complaints a **** only yesterday. He said its a recorded line, so I said that doesn't mean that you are not a ****. He said how are you spelling that, just for the record. c-u-n-t you ****.

    That was pretty much the end of the conversation. Changed to Powergen then and there.
  4. The same British Gas that just sacked their Customer Complaints Manager after 48,000 complaints?
  5. Problems with British Gas?

    Don't worry CR there are just you and 15,999,999 in the same predicament! :wink:
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    BG have failed to collected my direct debit for gas this year.
    On contacting them they told me the payment had been rejected by my bank.
    Mmm! me thinks, how can that be?
    Double check bank account online & no footprint of BG trying to get money.
    To double check ring bank & confirm no payment has been requested by BG.
    Very nice lady with the bank tells me she used to work for BG so she knows how shite they are.
    Go back & tell BG they are to blame & to try again.
    Funnny they are able to collect my D/D for electric!
    Still waiting for a reply.
    Customer service my arrse.

    By coincidence I have been helping an old boy this PM with a BG problem.
    He want to pay his final bill so that he can move supplier. The saga would run to pages!
  7. Just when you thought that they couldn't do anything else wrong:

    British Gas security scare as payments page springs a leaves padlocks off
    By John Leyden
    Published Friday 4th May 2007 13:53 GMT

    A British Gas website that allows homeowners to pay bills leaves consumers exposed by inviting them to submit credit card information across an unencrypted link.

    Consumers logging on to pay their bills through initially go through a secure server. But once they create an account and login they may be transferred to a payment server that fails to use a HTTPS connection. The problem is down to coding errors, according to a leading UK security consultancy.

    Check your bank statements very carefully!
  8. I think it dates from the time when they had a monopoly and could treat their customers like carp.

    Don't get them involved with anything to do with gas either, they're utterly useless. And yes, I do have written proof of that, signed by a BG Director.
  9. It would take me far too long to type out the ongoing problems I've had with Bratish Gits so I'm posting only to say..I agree with the title.
  10. this not to do BG but with getting charged for the way you pay .
    virgin media charges £3 if you pay by DD or £6 if you pay at the bank etc
    what is it called ? (admin charge) or just another way of screwing more out
  11. why not switch to oil for your central heating and bottle calor gas for cooking ?, that way its pay as you go and no more bills from those mongs at british gas :D

    a lot of folk in the countryside do that including me :D
  12. Going by your Avatar I presume you would like them treated as Pike.
  13. wow , its like reading a book about my experiance with Scottish gas ( which is just british gas i know)

    i have the same problem with them , Direct debit setup for electric since december , nothing taken out and a bill of 200 quid in the name of the occupier which i can't pay becuase the system keeps crashing. just had a letter from the standard "We break thumbs " debt collectors and phoned scottish gas to be told that we gave them the wrong address. Funny when we signed up for both gas and electric at the same time and the gas worked out fine . Bloody dumb asses.
  14. When I was posted in August last year I was expecting a big bill because only two months before I was told that I needed to increase my direct debits up from £40-50 gas and £50-£60 electric. They informed me that theyd calculated the increase of use so we decided we'd just go ahead with it. I got the bill in august just as we marched out to find I was actually in credit by £38 in gas and £233 electric which was a bonus but didnt make me happy thinking how they rob people of their interest to line there bank balance.
  15. i have my own bad experiences with BG, have been on a Pay as you Go meter for both Gas and Electricity for about 4-5 years, so i decided to change to a credit meter to save costs etc. I wasnt planning on staying with BG gas anyhow, but had to change the meters through them as it was free.

    Within a week of me ringing BG, they changed my electricity meter (Jan) and my gas meter was due to change a couple of days later...i took a day off work as my g/f had to go out with kids, gas engineer comes out but gas tap had sealed so had to call transco to change it and he would be back later in evening...didnt turn up, booked again for a week later, didnt turn up....and then again for 3rd time, they managed to get someone out the next day as we had complained.

    So both meters changed other, i sign up with Scottish Power (upto 6 weeks to change supplier), i then receive a bill from BG from my Gas Pay as you Go meter for £33 but all that i assumed i owed was £6 emergency credit whilst waiting 3 weeks for meter to change, so where did a further £27 come from?? Its getting disputed so still waiting on that.

    I finally change to Scottish Power and receive my final bill from BG (one month of usage) and it is £67....but when using the Pay as you Go i was only paying £40 a month for gas?? and they even told me that the credit meter is cheaper and that their system is correct..disputing that atm too.

    Im very happy Scottish Power, with both my Gas/Elec bill being £40-50 past 2 months whereas i was paying £80-90 a month via pay as you go

    British Gas rips ppl off!

    Hope you understood that lol