British Forces V’s the Supernatural

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Vampires

  2. Werewolves

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  4. Sword wielding Skeletons

  5. Flesh eating Zombies

  6. Demonically Possessed anything

  7. Godzilla like giant Dinosaurs

  8. Headless Horsemen

  1. British Forces ability to stand up to Aliens is well documented in Film and TV; Dr Who, Quatermass etc and is subject to a different poll.

    However the so far limited exposure of the UK Armed Forces in film to the forces of the Supernatural, shows Tommy Atkins not doing as well as could be expected.

    We know that British Infantry performs better against Werewolves (Dog Soldiers) than flesh eating Zombies (28 days later), in its WW1 issue British Infantry draws equal with German WW1 Infantry against Demonically possessed Trenches (the Trench). Vampires seems to be a blank (please correct me on this) as are a number of other known threats.

    What is your opinion on what the next British Forces V's Supernatural film shold be?
  2. Vs the Munsters.
    Frankenstein's Monster, a werewolf, two vampires and a dragon thing under the stairs. What more could you want?
  3. Now, I think you'll find they all got mullered by the werewolves in Dog Soldiers, as their bullets didn't work against them. Whereas in 28 days later, they were managing quite well, except they were a bunch of tossers and their stupidness let them down. So I think they werewolves would be worse than zombies.

    Vampires, well, are they 1920s film vampires, or are they Blade vampires? The 1920s ones just seem to want to attack beautiful women in their sleep (don't we all), but the Blade ones would be worrying. But if you watched Blade, then I think they tend to leave people like cops and soldiers alone.

    Mummies, skeletons, blah blah, too old school, and not scary now.
  4. Not so Forks, one left standing in Dog soldiers and none left in 28 days, the Vampires in mind are the blade / Underworld / Van Helsing ones not the Hammer house of Horror puffs.

    Unlike Blade, the Underworld / Van Helsing types do attack lots soldiers & PSC types (and flaunt Kate Beckinsale in rubber jumpsuit and corset :D). Deffo tough scrappers
  5. Okay, 1 walked away in Dog Soldiers but he was lucky and all his mates got fragged. At least if they were zombies you'd know that your weapons would work against them. Which would you prefer?

    We'd just have to wait for Blade or a nice Kate Beckinsale to save our asses if vampires were about.
  6. Personally speaking Zombies, Mummies, Sword wielding Skeletons are slow enough not to bother me too much they also go down when hit (admittedly a few times). Werewolves move just too damned fast and Vampires can hover etc. not good.
  7. Bill Oddie’s seem to fare well against Zombies in ‘Shaun of the Dead”.

    Whether it reflects reality is another matter; most of the undead were also unarmed and the film doesn’t go on to cover the ‘unlawful rekillings’ trials that would inevitably result.


    Tilbake's Top Tip 05/08/06.

    Mayhap, as an expedient measure against Werewolves, pending issue of ‘Rounds 7.62mm Ball Ag”, the first round of the LAW 80 sighting rifle is “silverish”. Wouldn't care to be the first one to try it though.

  8. Are you Norwegian, Tilbake?
  9. Nei, men datamaskin mines er Norsk

  10. There was a film made in the Eighties called "The House", that dealt with the tribulations of a Spam 'nam vet holed up in an old house being picked on by various demons and yellow-fanged grollies.
    The thing was, although the nasties were supernatural, they always played on a level playing field, and manifested themselves tooled up with non-supernatural weapons such as sawn offs and M60s and the like, and they were shootable- although it took a bit of doing.

    He was up against mouldering squaddies...


    ....Who gave his kid a good shooing.


    One of the lasses from "Cheeks"... she went after him with a sawn off. 8O


    And he even had a fat Walt as a neighbour, who came to a particularly foul end, IIRC. :D
  11. What about that cnut from the Mummy? Not Brendan Fraser, the other one made of scarab beetles.

    He'd take a fair amount of punishment before he rolled over.
  12. Mmmmmm true, didn't he give the Foreign Legion a lot of trouble in the sequal?
  13. I'd just not go to Egypt really.
  14. Judging by the poll It really does look like Tommy Atkins just does not like Werewolves.
  15. I think that's a fair approach to a difficult problem.

    Don't like supernatural nasties? Avoid them.

    See? The adaptability and inginuity of the irrepressible Tom.