British Forces train ANA in Kabul

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by UKForcesAfghanistan, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. We see so much of the Afghan National Army alongside coalition troops in Afghanistan – it’s hard to believe the force has only existed for a few years. British troops have stepped in to help with recruitment and training. They’re preparing the men who’ll help pave the way for NATO’s eventual exit from the country
    Lorna Ward from BFBS has been to meet some of the Afghan soldiers based at the Kabul Military Training Centre.

    Watch the video here
  2. not interested
  3. Er, thanks for that...
  4. Do they really?- Thank's for that, I'd never have guessed.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    How are the Afghan's going to pay for an army of >130,000?
  6. Ah good, Dull Propaganda Man is back, please regale us with more of your tales.
  7. Not exactly subtle, is s/he?
  8. Either we are (through international development fund etc) or they'll just fall back on good old junkie-juice.
  9. They might be a very effective fighting force - once they stop shooting the NATO troops training them
  10. Have you any other original soundbites available?

    Maybe something with female soldiers describing how they manage to maintain their femininity whilst dossing about KAF or Bastion?
  11. Or something about a new school being opened?
  12. Yes, lets look at the ANA's last self planned op. They went out, without telling any ISAF forces, including NTM-A or CSTCA. Most of the troops got lost, several started attacking each other, 30 went missing and the general had to call up ISAF to:

    Re-enforce the ones getting smashed by the TB
    Assist in telling the 2 coy gps busy fighting each other to stop
    Find the lost ones
    Rescue the missing ones
    Transport them all home

    It took 2 weeks to put back together again. Coupled with only issuing size 10 boots to all on MOSTURAK, officers stealing their soldier money, no leave for many, no pay for others, brassing up your instructors if they look at you funny, brassing up your mates if they beat you at volleyball, led by generals who are busy trying to get their free US provided fuel un-dyed so they can get back to selling it or stuffing their fat faces at ISAF conferences then heading into the toilets to get a good sleep on.

    Yes, the ANA are a force to be reckoned with all right. Oh and about 40K of them are AWOL. I missed those bits from the video, maybe theres something wrong with my codec?
  13. yep they are w@ank! did OMLT on H6, spent most of the time sorting out the smack heads from the dope peddlars! some are good but thet are in the minority, mostly the ex muj who now what is expected. The promotion ladder is good though if you can read, write and know your date of birth with out refering to how many moons you are, you become a general!
  14. No wonder we're losing the media war with this kind of p1ss poor effort. God help us.