British Forces to Business - Make it happen!

If you’re on the outside or just about to make the jump may I suggest you join LinkedIn. This is a ‘professional’ networking site (like Facebook) but is purely for business. One of the groups is called ‘British Forces to Business’. This is a worldwide collection of ex British Armed Forces professionals who now are in civilian business. This provides an opportunity to access some great contacts and network for another opportunity. Your profile (inculde your Armed Forces background) is listed once approved in the group and then contact away!

The intent of the group is to “provide a platform of shared experience of the British Forces and the transition into commerce in a global environment, in order to provide a robust network of business contacts with similar ethical and work based values”

The idea being that once you join there is mutual support from members of the group to aid transition in civilian life or to support identified opportunities (a bit like Freemasons for the British Forces but without any of formal stuff).

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