British forces storm Iraq police station to save prisoners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 25, 2006.

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    It looks as a theatre of absurd.
  2. It is begining to seem to me that after already three and a half years of war, this war is in fact only now begining.

    Will the f'ucking clowns who thought it such a good idea to attack Iraq please stand up and take a bow.

    After all it is Xmas and some of us are in need of f'ucking good laugh.

  3. Why do you say that Sergy? I am sure the 70 odd prisoners were pleased to miss their leading roles in this 'theatre'

    By the way Happy Christmas - both ours now and yours to come.
  4. yes of course Armchair,
    the prisoners have been saved and well bloody done the British Army for rescuing them.
    Great work, something to be proud about.

    However to think you can invade and occupy a country and that some of the insurgents at least wouldn't inveigle their way into positions of power in the newly form security forces beggars belief.

    The poor old army is having to run around mopping up these endless little messes because of the larger idiot mess created by our politicians in the first place.

    In a Theatre of the Absurd is EXCACTLY where we now are.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  6. Happy Christmas!

    Though according to Russian Orthodox Church present date is 12 December. Russian clerical conservators still use Ulian calendar and Orthodox Xmas will happen 7 January (it is an official holiday in Russsia btw).

    After 3 and half years British army has to save Iraqis from (trained by the British) Iraqi police. So what? There is a need for 'super-police' that would do the job to control orinary policemen (after possible withdrawal). But later or sooner there would be a need for 'super-super-police' and so on and so forth.

    If an expression 'theatre of absurd' is not applicable here then where it could be used?
  7. How about a theatre where an exile becomes mysteriously ill and is subsequently found to have been poisoned by an adversary utilising "nation state" capabilities?

    A lot closer to home the British Army has recent experiences of "black houses" being operated by factions, in weak and shattered states.

    You may recall after the Great Patrioitic War, a number of countries saw the need to keep their armies stationed on the soil of the former agressor, for over 50 years.

    Do you propose we withdraw from Iraq now and let Iran walk in??
  8. Good to see the Jamiyat has been permanently flattened and the DIA/ SCU disbanded for good. When the Brit Forces rescued the SF hostages there and stormed the place in Sep 05 the public reaction from the normal people on the streets was extraordinary- they said it was the best thing we had done since the start of the conflict.

    KGB, I afree that this situation should not have been allowed to happen. The DIA/SCU took the lead in the 'de-Ba'athification' policy sanctioned by Paul Bremner; it was a small step from arresting and killing former Party members to abducting and killing those with whom they held a grudge. The sudden disappearance of the ruling Ba'ath members caused a power/ terror vacuum that they filled.

    One of the main reasons the normal coppers in Basra were so ineffective was that they were terrified of other people, supposedly within their organisation. Hopefully this final disbandment and arrest of the SCU will provide the normal police force with an element of stability within which they can become more effective. Yes, it is late in the day, yes, we should have done something years ago, and yes, it may still be clutching at straws, but we have to move forwards.
  9. This is excellent news, it means that the Jameat, a very visible symbol of the cities problems has gone. Local opinion will welcome this move, although the local thugs will react violently. We've had some good hauls recently and I think 19Bde are doing a first rate job out there - well done guys.
  10. The old political aspect of find a local sheikh and co-opt him and his men into the security role - Mohammed Abbas did exactly this in Gaza by using EU money for security to buy off his rivals before the elections by putting them on the he has Fatah policemen moonlighting as Hamas killers at night.

    We should have no illusions - these places have no core values just tribal instinct. London was naive, DC was naive - both wanted quick fixes for a 20 year problem
  11. Anyway - it was a good deed by the British Army in Basra.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and thanks !

    Sergey - Slava Bogu - and Merry Christmas to you ! Will you be visiting St Basil's ?
  12. Made my Christmas morning; news said they've been wanting to do this since July. Show the bullying little cnuts that torture is NOT acceptable.

    Congratulations to all those involved and wishing them a safe Christmas
  13. There is a lot of allegations, theories, suppositions. Scatland Yard is still investigating the case. Let's wait for the end of the investigation. Then we would be able to make conclusions.

    It was your disision to inv... to liberate Iraq. So it is up to you to deside about withdrawal. However I'm sure - later or sooner it will happen.

    Indeed, Soviet Union had its troops in Germany for 54 years after the end of the war. But USA still have troops in Germany, in Japan, in Cuba. Also there is a lot of British soldiers in Germany. For what purpose exactly?

    Now imagine that British soldiers storm a police station in Germany 'to save prisoners'. It would be a theatre of absurd of course.
  14. Merry Christmas Voyager!

    Russian Xmas will happen 7 January (according to Ulian calendar it is 25 December), St.Basil Cathedral is rather a museum, I'm an atheist (who likes to Xmas tales though like this one).
  15. This is a result in the short run but really its like treading on mercury.
    And did the Brits operate with the full consent of the democratically elected government of Iraq?

    Of course they didn't, for obvious security reasons.
    But that just undermines the government we are supposed to be supporting doesn't it?

    And don't just worry about Iran.
    cheyney has been warned that if the U.S. start to pull out the Saudis will move in.