"British Forces Past and Present"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lumpy2, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else received this on Facebook?

    I was apparently "added" by a well-meaning friend, and now receive reams of clutter and frankly embarrassing posts, littered with "lols" "soz", cringey poems and so on.

    I've spotted a couple of people who are almost certainly Arrsers, and whilst I obviously support the idea behind it, I'm not sure what it's for!

    Anyone got any opinions on this??
  2. Im not sure but suppose it might be after "British Forces Past and Present" .....thats just a hunch though
  3. Originally set up to get a memorial march from Woolwich to Whitehall to hand in a petition to DC ref Lee Rigby, which then got binned in favour of a memorial march around Woolwich with over 5000 persons responding in the positive and around 200 actually going, now it's just a page for ex and present serving to have a laugh, but seriously, they do post a load of bollocks on there and it's constant shite too, I binned it in the end after a couple of weeks. Half the admins have no military experience and one has been outed as a criminal and binned.
  4. ^Thanks for the informative reply, J62. I had a sneaking feeling that some of them have even less military experience than me - and that's saying something :)
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  5. It would seem that some of the admins from "Past and Present" have left and formed "British Forces Veterans Group" now, both have the same description as in "for Serving, Ex-Serving and Direct NOK only", must have been some internal turmoil again!
  6. They've just started an "RIP Diana" thread.

    I feel slightly queasy :pukel:
  7. I thought the SAS killed her so should they not be celebrating a good mission?
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  8. How can she rest in peace when the press and twats like them never fucking stop raking her up?
  9. Yes, don't use facebook.
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  10. Fair point. But it's not the tool, it's how people use it!

    Facebook has been great for me as a means of keeping in touch with friends who I rarely get to see as they are spread all over the country (in a metaphorical sense).

    But there is also some unmitigated shite on there which I endeavour to keep to a minimum.
  11. Emails and message apps work just as good, without all the shite facecunt lumbers you with.
    Easy to use and no idiots filling it with shite pictures, lame jokes and ancient recycled emails etc.
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  12. This group is run by a vicious disgusting vile creature called Kerry Kidney who is not even related to HM Forces. Dont get on the wrong side of her as she will ban you and slate you. Oh and she loves Engineers

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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    We have a regimental Facebook group with the Assistant Regimental Secretary as one of the admins. It's the dog's at notifying of events (sadly usually funerals since the regiment was amalgamated over 20 years ago) and communicating.

    Nobody gets in unless an admin recognises him or a member can personally vouch. Sadly over this year, the number of obvious fakes trying to get in has gone through the roof and the queue for acceptance can get round the block until one of us can be arrsed to mag to grid them cos none of us will let them in.

    Stay in control, don't sign up to everything in a scattergun approach and it can be made to work for you.
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  14. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I sacked my Faceache account about a year ago for the very same reason you quote in your OP. Got a bit fed up of the well-meaning "friends" sending me links to military this / military that. Rather than unfriend certain individuals who seemed to have shall we say, a more right wing agenda, I decided it's better just to sack it completely.

    Like you, there was the keeping in touch element that bothered me a little about it - especially when I overheard things at work about Faceache and who said what etc; it used to be quite useful for keeping a covert eye on individuals who are supposedly bedded-down or off work with depression etc - only to see photo after photo of them tearing up the town with a pint or bottle in hand in every shot.

    But in the end, it turned out I still managed to keep in touch with the important people on the phone for those who live far away, and down the local for those who don't. Best thing is, I seem to have the time to do it nowadays too, as my evening isn't taken up by addictively playing Bubble Witch, Bejewelled, Candy Crush and Pet Rescue.

    Facebook. Turning the nation into lardarses, one app at a time. Get out now, while you can!
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  15. I never signed up to facecock.
    I saw it as just MSN with knobs on and just couldn't be bothered.
    There is a reason i didn't keep in touch with loads of people I knew at school or earlier on in my life, and that was... i didn't like them and didn't want them as part of my life.
    I hate facecock and twitter with a passion!