British Forces Morale Lowest Among NATO

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Yusuf, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Official figures show a dramatic slump in morale among service men and women, especially in the Army.

    The Ministry of Defence's latest Continuous Attitude Survey reveals a sharp downturn in mood in all three services since the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

    Labour says the figures are a "terrible reflection" of the Government's defence policy.

    Across all three services the numbers saying morale is high have fallen from 25% in 2010 to just 15% - a 10-point drop. Those saying that morale is low rose by 17 points from 33% to 50%.

    In the Army, which is losing 20,000 troops, the fall-off is even sharper. The survey reveals that those who believe morale is low has risen 21 points from 24% to 45%.
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  2. I don't see any comparitive figures for the rest of NATO. Plus, as any fule kno, 89% of statistics are made up.
  3. And of course Labour's defence policy was SO much better!
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well they did at least keep the spending up with creative accounting and had allready slashed numbers once so daren't do so again.

    they woudl probably have increased the forces to claim they were winning on employment
  5. Nobody outside the armed forces gives a flying **** about morale.
  6. The Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (recently discussed in another thread) has some validity in my view, when making comparisons year on year.

    The unattributed story (not the headline) is taken from BFBS's BritishForcesNews.

    There is nothing whatsoever either in the story, or in the AFCAS survey, to justify that ridiculous "Lowest morale in NATO" claim.

    BAFF liaises regularly with other personnel representative organisations across Europe, and with their umbrella organisation, EUROMIL. There are no comparative country-by-country morale figures and they would be meaningless in my opinion, as you would not be comparing like with like.

    This thread is bollocks.
  7. When was morale ever high? Apart from the 80's alcoholic's living in Germany on £15 a day (or whatever high amount it was) LOA?! And they were probably too pissed to care about morale.
    That Lt said it perfect on Our War last night - "Soldiers complain about everything. If you took them to Heaven, they would say" "This is shit". He's right as well.
  8. Quite.

    Jan Beer Call - '****ing shite. Why do we have to drink out of tins, why arent' there any glasses?"
    Feb Beer Call (with glasses) - "****ing shite, why isn't there any food?"
    Mar Beer Call (with sandwiches) - "****ing shite, why isn't there any hot food?"
    Apr Beer Call (with hot food) - "****ing shite, why aren't there any strippers?"
    Jun Beer Call (with strippers) - "****ing shite, why wont the strippers sit on my face?"

    etc etc
  9. That's why the CONTINUOUS Attitude Survey asks the same questions year on year. Sometimes some new questions, but most of the previous questions reappear.

    That way, if facesitting is an issue you can measure satisfaction by any percentage change, up or down, year on year.

    Unless of course it is believed that the opinions of armed forces personnel are of no value.
  10. All I know is, the Danes are allowed beards, long sideburns and the occasional beer, and their morale was noticeably higher than ours in that sandy place...
  11. Yup. Funny how the Danes are sometimes the target for "they knocked off early because they have a union" type anecdotes, generally based on some exercise in the 70s.
  12. Oh, and the hot, tall, slim, blonde chicks. I think they helped...
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  13. The Danish we worked with had some sort of union, they had a meeting about the previous chief of staff because they didn't like the way he spoke to them.
  14. In Bosnia there were a small group of about 7 Danes in a tiny outpost watching over 3 little villages. We had a whole squadron camp and every weekend we had to spend 6 or so hours walking around said little villages (In the week the main troops drove around them, weekends SHQ/SQMC's dept tabbed it). Everytime we went in to their little camp, they were chilled out watching hardcore porn. It wasn't a shocker to see why they had high morale.

    Saying that, I've worked with the Canadian's a few times and they seemed to be a ****ing overly cheerful bunch!