British Forces leave Iraq

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Barely_Black, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Succesful in its stated intent and outcome

  2. Shambolic from Day 1

  3. Well executed but overextended.....screwed by the pollies

  4. An unmitigated pain in the arrse...thank feck its over

  5. ...Tell Everyone Leave is Cancelled?

  1. Old news but posted here for those who may not see UK-orientated news.

    From REUTERS here:
    I'd like to visit in 2013, to see what has changed.

    My prediction is that Umm Qasr will be a thriving deep sea port.

    Before 1991, it was where Kuwaitis went for a wild night out :)

  2. So I've heard. Now we just need to get the Iraqi government to reach an agreement on all the foreign troops still in Iraq (I believe it is now you guys, the Aussies, Romania, El Salvador, and the Estonians)

    From what I here, the article is pretty downbeat compared to whats actually going on (though the issues of electricity and militias are very real concerns). I say the squaddies can leave with pride, knowing they've accomplished everything a military force can achieve.