British Forces committed to Lebanon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Just been listening to the Dear Leaders speach in the US and what he's promised about the International Stabilsation force for Lebanon.

    Guess who's going to Lebanon? Teamed up with the Lebanese army 'gradually advancing south to expell Hezbullah'
  2. That can't be true. Have the Lebanese agreed to this?
  3. Oh here we go again. Tone never saw a war that he could resist sending someone else to die in.
  4. Erm, where the f**k does this goon expect Hezbollah to be expelled to? Given that they are Lebanese!
  5. Tony's been smoking some Lebanese from the sound of it.

    Ah well, at least I won't have to spend Christmas at the mother-in-law's this year...

    How the bloody hell did these cretins get to be in charge? By that wording UNFIL can expect a hostile reception. It's neocon rapture.
  7. Thats it we are fcuked all leave is herein postponed for another 12 months!
  8. I really, seriously want to know what is making Blair tick.
  9. That's the bet won with the boss. Easiest fiver ever made.

    For some reason it don't feel so good to win that particular gamble though.

    Which poor sods are spearhead at the moment?
  11. Where does our Tony say British troops?

    Any UN force is a lot more likely to be Bolivian, Madagascan or Antartican than British.
  12. His belief that he is the new Messiah ? :twisted:
  13. £5.00 wager Awol , winnings donated to Arrse? At the very least , Engineers , loggies and Medics I'd say.

    Thanks AJ , now will this new force have a clear cut mandate to shoot at whoever fcuks with it keeping the peace , or will the mandate be worded to exclude Israel from the justified retaliatory slap list?

    I won't bother putting a bet on it, I might as well donate the Fiver straight to Arrse.
  14. It was quoted on the BBC World Service that Yanks or Brits would not be sent in to Lebanon.