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BFBS - A Good Thing?

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Book Reviewer
Some recent BFBS coverage of the Medfac in Camp Bastion

and two reports , one on Headley Court and one on Selly Oak , by the fragrant Rosie Laydon:

Headley Court -

Selly Oak -

For those who may not be familiar, BFBS is the in-house broadcaster, seen (if not watched) widely in Germany,Falklands,Gib etc. It is also apparentely available by satellite link to the guys and gals on Ops in Iraq and AFG.

NOTE: BFBS 'live streams' its material....which causes problems for users on the RLI. So, DII users, etc You may need an EXTERNAL PC to view.

Chin chin what ?

Lee Shaver


Book Reviewer
Ventress said:
Poor blokes, let them listen to Radio 1 or something- they have suffered enough.
I know you've voted in the poll...did you watch the clips?

No? For shame then - cos they are WORTH seeing.

Le Chevre
Silver_Bull said:
Surely someone remembers the Mark Page Show? BFBS at its finest!
Awful modern rubbish. Richard Nankeville was far, far better.

BFBS puts out some good stuff. BFBS Radio 1 is not generally amongst it.
From Monday the 4th December, BFBS radio 1 will be broadcasting on Sky digital channel 0184. Always preferred Glen Mansell on the morning show myself
I remember uncle Bill Mitchell and 'tales of Big Wood' in the 1960s being broadcast on BFBS Cologne.

Still have the recording of the BFBS coverage of the Queen's Birthday Parade by units of Berlin Infantry Brigade who paraded before her on the Maifeld when she visited Berlin in 1977. That was the parade in which Commander Berlin Infantry Brigade gave the entire parade the wrong word of command and not a single man moved!

Happy days!


Book Reviewer
< sigh> all the nostalgia from former BAOR 'speed bumps' apart folks....what did you think of the coverage BFBS have given ?

> Curate's Egg ? ( Good in Parts)

> Half Term Report ? ( Must Try Harder)

> Bravo Zulu ? ( Fair Go)

Personally, I rather hope they have sold the short AFG piece to one of the Terrestrial channels and we will see on BBC /Channel Four News.

Breath, holding........not. :roll:

Lee Shaver
Iolis said:
I remember uncle Bill Mitchell and 'tales of Big Wood' in the 1960s being broadcast on BFBS Cologne.
Oh, those lasted until the early 1980s. In fact, about then the local Topo Sqn produced an A4 colour map of Big Wood, with all of the landmarks.

Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, there was a "stramash", shall we say (details omitted in case my failing memory leads me to say something actionable) and "Uncle Bill" had a rapid parting of the ways with BFBS...

...and the Topo Sqn was stuck with maps that no-one was going to use again.
Bumbling Fumbling Broadcasting Service with television. What is the world comming to ??


Book Reviewer
Ventress said:
It was pony in the 80-90's and its still pony in the 2000's.
.....and you still haven't looked at the links, have you Sarge ?
They're pretty good, although I was intrigued by the mention of a "Role 2 Field Hospital"!


Book Reviewer
Ventress said:
Watched 'em, what's your point, Goaty?
No particular point Vee....neither I nor BFBS nor anyone else is likely to change your views....just thought it was worth pointing to some (in my jaundiced view) slightly more positive coverage than we normally get, is all.

Slightly surprised to note that for many people BFBS is either a new planet in their ken or something they associate with Cold War BAOR :)

( and GOD there are a lot of Old and Bold on this part of Arrse - youngsters all out enjoyin' themselves , gettin' drunk and chasin' fanny as usual I 'spose...mutter ...mumble)

SMILE ya bassa ! :D

Don Cabra
BFBS Radio ...what memories.. I have cassette tape recording of Tommy Vance doing the Top Forty show for the year. Broadcast last week December 1980/81. I Remember a record on there "Whats another year" by Jonnie Logan.... also an LP with BFBS Favorite songs i.e I drink to your memory, I'am on a drinking mans diet, Up Chetai a comedy French song with Frankie Howard and June Whitfield, Morcombe and Wise at a nudist camp site plus many others.... Raving Dell Garret worked in the Cologne studios with Richard Astbury, he is the DJ shown on the front cover. Richard Nankerville ( Nankers mi ole horse Fame) is now I belive working at BBC Cumbria. Did you know he used to present the Eurovision contest before Terry Wogan?
Each Year last week December BFBS and Wireless For The Blind where we would place money bids for whatever was on offer. Units would pledge against Units all in the name of Charity Wireless For The Blind...We must have raised millions of Deutsch Marks and Pounds Sterling over those years... Funny I have never heard of Wireless for the Blind since leaving the Forces back in 1990...untill now.
What Fond memories of Uncle Bill and those tales from Bigwood. I had a printed map produced by some Topography unit in Germany showing who lived where in relation to the other creatures of Bigwood..... The adventures of various episodes where clearly marked on this map. Had mine framed by the camp chippy in Lippstadt back in 1981/84 that map followed me around Germany until 1990 where stangely I left it in the stores at RAF Wildenrath ( I was in the Royal Signals).... Newcomers to the unit would glance at this map and ponder what it was all about.... I would explain prior to 1977 that TV only existed in Germany for the Germans in German unless you lived near to the Dutch border where we could could pick up the English speaking films from the Dutch TV stations. Our only entertainment came from the Radio and listening to BFBS (Bumbling Fumbling Broadcast Station) just after 5:00pm Uncle Bill would come on and entertain the like of me with his stories of the animals who lived in and around Bigwood. Early 1970s up in Minden I recall once a month on a Sunday about 3pm after a session in the Naafi find a TV Black and White television tune it to NDR 3 and watch something like Laurel and Hardy in English after that film finished put the telle away for another month...The only other time I recall seeing that TV in use was when the likes of ZDF Hitparade or other music prorgrammes came on
Then in 1977 SSTV came to Germany where such programmes News at 6 Corrination Street etc etc would be shown on newly purchased colour television sets bought from either the Naafi or the SSVC. These programmes were transmitted 24 hours later than was shown in the UK. Video /Auido Tapes were sent out to Cologne for transmission to the masses in Germany on a daily basis. However this service was not free..... Every single person based in BAOR had to pay something like 2p a day for this facility.....Today the forces personel have entertainment of a different type where the likes of me found our entertainment in the bars in and around the garrisons.....Thank you BFBS
Advent, your posting took me back a bit! I remember in Bergen, hearing about a family who had obtained a colour TV no less. About 20 kids crammed into the living room watching it, a truly amazing thing to behold. Around 1972/3 ish. Then in Fally, preparing for the advent of BFBS TV, and watching the test card in amazement, that we were actually watching ENGLISH language TV!!

I remember watching the crap on ZDF/ARD, and occasionally tuning in to DDR TV, watching their version of the news on Aktuelle Kamera, or catching an FDJ Parade on Sunday morning; the communist version of a church service. And the Mainzelmannchen with their subtle digs at the naughty capitalists across the Anti Fascist Protection Barrier. Happy Days